Monday, December 8, 2008

Indian IT industry is not going to hit..

Indians are most committed and hard worker. Reason being, They have seen the problems.. they see people die with hunger.. people has to work very hard to get the two time meals. Hence they value the work and put maximum effort. Unlike Westerns, There, Earning money was (?) quite easy..They used to get lots of money for small work and they used to enjoy like anything.. The Pub culture, currently in bangalore has come from West..So much money is getting wasted every week in beer and dance clubs (Or Night club?).. But the number is still less.. People have sentiments for their family and they can do extra work and with full commitment. We should learn from this recession and cut down our expenses .. (Including me.. start saving buddy..)

Yes, Its true, No Indian Company has developed their Operating System or Database or Application servers But we Indians are the major contributors for their Development. There are two major reasons: 1. We started late ..due to economic reason 2. Lack of Proper Guidance in starting only.. Now its going to be tough competition and We do not have that much money to be put in RnD to get our OS ready.

In this Recession time, As most of the clients for Indian IT companies (as well as US based companies) are in US and Europe, and they are cutting costs for IT spent, India is feeling the heat. But, Still I believe, there is not going to be much impact on Indian IT industry. The only skilled competitor in world for IT is US .. But from US only these works have offshored here.. So, its unlikely to go back these jobs to US in near future.. See Below List of Skills comparison ..

Source: [Thanks]

The following are the Country skill Rankings (NASSCOM)

IT Database Development and Administration

RDBMS Concepts

India 48%
United States 22%
Romania 4%
Russian Federation 3%
Ukraine 3%

SQL (ANSI) Fundamentals
India 60%
United States 14%
Russian Federation 5%
Ukraine 5%
Romania 3%

MS SQL Server 2000 Programming
India 33%
United States 32%
Romania 7%
Russian Federation 5%
Ukraine 4%

DB2 Programming
India 71%
United States 18%
Philippines 1%
Romania 1%
United Kingdom
(Great Britain) 1%

Oracle PL/SQL
India 50%
United States 20%
Russian Federation 5%
Romania 3%
United Kingdom
(Great Britain) 3%

IT programming and Development

United States 29%
India 22%
Russian Federation 9%
Ukraine 8%
United Kingdom
(Great Britain) 6%

Software Testing*****
India 71%
United States 11%
Ukraine 4%
Belarus 2%
Pakistan 1%

C++ India 22%
United States 20%
Russian Federation 17%
Ukraine 10%
United Kingdom
(Great Britain) 6%

Java 2 Fundamentals
India 58%
United States 14%
Russian Federation 5%
Ukraine 4%
Romania 3%

.Net Framework
India 47%
United States 19%
Russian Federation 6%
Ukraine 6%
Romania 5%

IT systems and Network Administration

Linux Administration (General)
United States 22%
India 16%
Russian Federation 9%
Ukraine 7%
Romania 6%

MS Windows Server 2003 Administration
United States 37%
India 19%
Russian Federation 6%
Ukraine 4%
Romania 3%

Networking Concepts
United States 34%
India 17%
Ukraine 6%
Russian Federation 5%
United Kingdom
(Great Britain) 4%

Unix Administration (Solaris 9)
India 37%
United States 27%
Russian Federation 5%
Canada 3%
United Kingdom
(Great Britain) 3%

Information Technology Security Fundamentals
United States 33%
India 12%
Ukraine 6%
Poland 5%
Russian Federation 4%

In the manpower with low salary (With huge number of manpower available), Our competition is with China, Philipenes, SouthAfrica etc .. and they will take atleast 10 Years to catch up us in English .. and in 10 Years Indian IT skill will be doubled .. :).. I believe, its high time for Indian companies to start transactions in Indian Rupee which is more stable than Dollars (If not now..It will be in coming years).. So deal in Indian Rupees so that, we better know the situation..

As Indian, we should try to build softwares from Scratch.. Indian company should do some RnD investment ..should take some risks .. Also, try to capture other parts of World as IT market.. Create the market in Asia, Australia and Africa ..

And Lastly, What will happen next moment, nobody knows.. nobody knew what will happen in Mumbai on 26th November 2008 .. So no need to worry .. Be happy .. Though be more prepared with more and more skills, More commitment, more confidence..more hard work..and Savings a lot ..

Friday, November 28, 2008

Two Years @ Novell : Ashish Kumar Jha From Purnia, Bihar

Two years passed and I think, I have joined few days back ..Its refreshingly .. No grudge .. No Pain .. Happiness .. that is what Novell has given me ... I have my friends in more than 100 software companies .. But There is something unique about Novell.. In fact there are several unique things about Novell..

One among that is almost every function we have in Novell, We call Family member of employees .. Let it be team outing . sports day .. Novell Anniversary day ..

Second, In any of the team parties, Alcohal is strictly prohibited .. In most of the IT company .. Its not there..

There is TGWIN (Thank God We r In Novell) every 2 Months .. Where we have Fun ..lots of Fun .. Music ..Games .. Dance..

Then Comes the Infrastructure .. Nice Cubicles ..With good privacy .. Spacious .. Great LAB management ..

The Transport fascility from entire Bangalore -- Free Of Cost.. And If one stay beyond 8PM (No Body Encourages this here in Novell.. ), We have cab drop fascility till home..

Almost free (25% we pay..) great lunch ..snacks.. breakfast ...

Competitive Salary and Perks .. Positive environment ..

And last but not least.. The OpenNess .. We are the major contributor to Open Source World .. Be It Operationg System (Open Suse) Or Application Framework (MONO) etc..

I work for Identity and Security Management product which is pioneer in the world . A large number of Fortune 500 Companies are our customers ..

Everybody here is very much co-operative .. Willingness to work and contribute .. Learning opportunities are plenty..

Its great working here .. 2 years ..

I love Novell..


Ashish Kumar

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Law and Order Situation in India

The global recession was already troubling the economic capital of India apart form the problems created by MNS for North Indians. And then comes the serial blasts in Mumbai . More than 100 People died along with 14 Police Personnel. Terrorists can enter any where and make people hostages. What is the law and order situation and what does Intelligence doing? Who is there to care for common public? He lives on the God's faith.. For this reason only He pays taxes for every thing? Income tax, sales tax, property tax ..

One thing here is to understand, Those people who were killed had no idea that they might get killed. There may be doctors, Engineers or businessman like any of us, and nothing can replace their loss to their family.. Why we fear then so much for life.. We have no control on life at all.. Nobody feels safe..

Its very difficult time for entire world.. Those guys .. They are given fire inside their heart that go and die for the religion. Even the highly educated person comes in their words.. What they get out of it ..? out of 100 died, There can be different religion people .. They don't have any work ? .. Though we tell Law and Order is worst .. Its true to an extent only.. Govt. Can not put police every where in India .. Our people are helping them .. Our people.. Indians .are supporting them to do these things .. there should be patriotic and humanity message should be spread .. Indians and any person should not help These terrorists .. And If any One caught and proved to be either Terrorist or helping them ..Please do not forgive them .. They don't understand Peace process.. Just kill them they kill our brothers and sisters ..

Police and Other related persons should have fire inside them to clean up this .. See and Shoot these ******* ..

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Smoking Ban in Public Places: Views by Ashish Kumar Jha

Dear Mr. Ramdoss,

I appreciate your willingness to curb on this very important health issue. You are spending a lot on advertising the same and every Hotel, Organization etc.. had to put NO SMOKING board and No body is allowed to smoke inside campus. Well, I can say the smoking have not decreased and you knew this before. May be If a smoker used to have 10 Cigrates in a day, He will have 9 a day.. He goes out and smokes.

In fact, I believe, Its not possible to stop smoking.. This should be felt by individual that this is BAD.. But The craze is such that, I see even Girls smoking in public now.. If Government is really interested to BAN smoking, BAN the companies.. All these Wills, GoldFlake are manufactured in INDIA..BAN the company and provide other Jobs to displaced employees.. Stop the imports of Cigrates.. But this is not possible by you .. For this a lot of Guts and real willingness is required not the media attention..

You see, Gujarat is a complete DRY state where, Liquor can't be sold. They took this tough decisions and I believe its working to an extent. But lastly, I believe, People should realize that, smoking is injurious to their heath. Writing Statuary Warning on Packs is not going to benefit.

A Citizen of India...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Back to bangalore after long holiday

Today, I came back to bangalore after a long holiday. The masti trip was started on 4th october, when I had been to Mysore, Then I went to Mumbai, Pune, Lonawala, Khandala on 8th, then Kudremukh on 18th. on 24th I went to Kolkata then home (Purnia) then some local places in Bihar and then Delhi on 6th November. on 8th night, I went to Jaipur and on 11th morning came back to bangalore.
It was great trip I ever had. I met more than 100 people (family n friends spread across India). More on this later..

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

kudremukh trip

This was nice trip.. Enjoyed a lot .. took part in everything .. Vollyball.. trekking..swimming..Dancing .. Games ..Everything..I was part of the team ..Felt very happy ..

Friday, October 17, 2008

job situation in india

Recently few of the incidents took our attentions related to job situation in India.

1. One CEO was killed by a sacked group of employees in NOIDA.. : BAD.. Too Bad..
2. JET lays off 1900 employees: OK kind of .. Due to several factors, This was the last step they could have thought of.. I believe every body has good heart including top-management. But as their expenses (including company's) are too much and they can't cope up with the financial crisis any more, so the lay off the their last option..
3. JET take back all Layed-off employees : Super..great..

Naresh Goyal has shown Indian-Ness ..I believe this type of decisions can be taken only in India and hence I am proud of having entrepreneurs like Naresh Goyal.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Going to Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Home, Delhi to enjoy ..just enjoy

In this whole year, I worked every week day except for three days when I was sick. After a long 11 Months (After Nov. 2007), I have long plans.
1. Going to Mumbai to meet some of my old friends. Then probably, I will visit Pune also to meet some other friends there. Starting on 8th October and will be back on 14th.

2. Going to home on 24th, On the way, I will be at Kolkata for 8-9 Hours and will meet some friends there ..

3. For Team picnic, we will go for one night picnic to Kalasa and stay in Silent Valley Resort on 18-19th October.

4. Will reach home on 25th, then will go nearby towns to visit other family/friends..

5. Will go to Saharsa on 6th Nov, From where by train to Delhi.. Will be staying in Delhi till 12th November.. and then fly back to Bangalore.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wow!! wat a change ..

When I was in 3rd Semester of Engineering, I went to see "Kaante" in Moti theatre, Bellary along with 8-10 friends. The theatre is very bad in terms of cleanliness and it was stinking all over. Also the sound system used was not good. Anyhow, I watched movie, Came back to hostel..Thought not to watch movies in theatre..and declared the same to friends .. It was strange decision .. Nobody thought that I will never see movie after that in Bellary Theatres .. (I was seeing in Computer ..:) ). But Bol Diya to Bol diya ..Everybody used to go ..They asked to me some times initially ..I refused ..Later nobody asked to me..And when the three got over..I didn't go for a single movie in Bellary..

I came to Bangalore on 19th February 2005.. Was struggling to get job.. No time to watch movie.. Got Job in Afila on 7th November 2005. There were Movies planned, But I used to refuse.. In May 2006 or So, After thinking a lot.. I broke the silence and went to Movie with around 60 Afilites in REX theatre..Film was Fanaa.. We were sitting in first row from screen ..Yes it was 5-10 feet away from screen ..We had so many things to eat taken inside ..around 100 popcorns .. Also we used to celebrate Monthly Birthday ..Like all the person having B'day in April will cut the cake in may ..So there was B'day Celebration in Theatre.. Vyom ..My project manager were very much co-operative and part of all the fun..We started ( I remember I was the culprit..) throwing Pocorn packets ..empty juice packets to others ..And it was all great fun.. After that movie again there was long silence .. I think next movie I saw was in Delhi ..DON with Irshad and Manish in FUN Cinema in November 2006.Then Munagrumale Near Majestic in 2007..with Harsh, Rajshekhar, Padaki..

When I joined Novell, The speed increased ..I watched several movies with team..And now .. the current status is I saw "Rock On" on 12th Sep, Wednesday on 17th Sep and Welcome to sajjanpur on 19th Sep with Narayana.. Wow great improvement ..

One last line.. I remember, In 1998 I had seen 14 movies in theatre in one week. Out of that 5 movies was in one day in three different theatres..

Sync between what I think, Feel, Say and do is in progress

I don't know If the heart can think or brain can feel or both thinking and feeling are done by Brain .. One thing is for sure that heart does not think .. But For now I believe, Brain thinks and Heart feels.

In many person, Heart is more dominating and in some Brain is more.. In my case its heart which rules. This is my observation that most of the times what brain thinks, is right from other's perspective like family's perspective, Friends perspective.. Brain thinks, Hey work hard ..Don't do orkut in office ..its not allowed.. But Heart ..Hey come on, just have a glimpse of His status ..her new photos ..etc.. Heart feels better when We go for a movie keeping aside the work..

Again, Everybody have two faces is public and one is private... In public, We restrain our self talking ..and we care what should be conveyed ..Extremely careful in showcasing the word that I am good ..But in private side ..Once I/Any male sees a beautiful girl..Thinks to get closer to her..Or sees some person rising, Private side becomes jealous but public side will go and congratulate.

Also, I talk about unconditional love..But no body agrees ..Everybody says its just a propaganda ..which is far from reality .. I believe for any person to be happy, He should love unconditionally. But its like To whom you love should also love back unconditional. But Do I love anybody unconditional per some of friends I am not .. Not even to my parents .. So I must try to make all these four important part of life to be equal ..So for that we use synchronization..

I should feel working hard ..Completing my task, making others happy ..and the same thing I should think ..And I should talk that I will do that and Finally I should do the same.. Currently this process is in progress .. This process takes quite long time ..may be years ..and sometimes this process dumps core and could not get completed ..

Monday, August 25, 2008

What is Life..

The number of people, having faith in GOD is decreasing rapidly. People have no issues in accepting this in front of society and society has no problems as well. Atheist have their own say..Why should one believe in GOD..The Omnipotent GOD.. What is there GOD can do and human can't.. One might say, Can the rain starts when human want, True human can't but neither GOD.. There is no proof that this is done by GOD..In fact we have sufficient predictions that when the rain will happen. Again GOD is the power who induces brain and heart in living creature..Well this is also not true ..can GOD create a baby without having one man and one woman. No GOD can't ... but human has shown that and it can be done. Scientists have been successful in cloning and creating a synthetic DNA. The day will come, when a child (Or any living creature) will be born with whatever qualities u want in that by doing some programming in computer.

Well, there is another part, Let those scientists do what they want, But In a normal Haman's life, there are plenty of problems. If one gets another to blame (or has in mind that somebody is there to blame), He/She feels relaxed. So We believe in GOD. Similarly, We should not do any immoral activities so society teaches us to fear by GOD. In fact I believe (and for that matter any logical person) that there is no Physical GOD. like RAM/Krishna etc.. They were not there ..Its just an illusion and all those are just stories.

Some says we have proofs of Lanka-Dahan or Seeta's Ashram or Indraprashtha ..Well I have a better analogy to tell u this is most probably wrong. The novelist Vedprakash Sharma writes very good Hindi Novel. He names his character as manoj, Shikha and so on.. he tells about rajdhani express, he tells about Delhi, Tajmahal, India Gate etc.. But the stories written around these places and things are imaginary.

But, I still believe in GOD..So what type of GOD is this. This GOD is truth..Helping others..Kindness..Spreading Love.. I fear when I lie..When I hide something .. In fact our Brain(Heart) is GOD. And its proven Heart has no capability to think. Its just brain, Which has both positive and negative feelings, Which by mistake we tell that this is heart's feeling If its truth and Brains in other case or vice-versa..

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Does GOD exists?

Hey buddy, If u are reading this article, please don't take persoanally. Its My feelings and this may be wrong from ur perspective.

Once Ramesh met with an accident when He was driving his Bike..Got some fractures but His life was saved. People used to say..It was GOD's grace that He saved Ramesh ..There are similar cases ..where something happens (Bad mostly), People say, It was GOD's desire..

In my village there is custom of "BaliPradan" meaning a goat/buffalo will be killed on Godess Kali's name. People (Including me/my family) purchase a goat, and keeps in his home for few days..and on second day of Deepawali, We go to Kaali Temple. There will be some Pandits, we will bring the goat to him after Bathing the goat (has to be very much clean) and that Pandit will put some water and flowers on Goat's head. Now the Goat has to move his body first and then his head. If this happens then, Its assumed that Goat is accepted by Goddess. (Pareeksha ho gaya). Sometimes what happens is, If Goat is seasoned (has tolerated rain/sun) He will be able to suatain the cold water for some more time and will not shiver. In that case the person/family becomes sad that, Godess is not accepting our "Prasad" and start praying heaviliy. God please take the Pareeksha/Exam of Goat and Pass him to be delivered to u (The belief is that Godess Kaali likes blood. I thought She will like human blood more.. ?).

I personally believe that these things are just bullshit and hypocracy. Outside bihar, I don't see these bad customs. Oh Man!, If u wanna eat flesh, Have it no..who is stopping u but on the name of GOD u r killing animals. Can I convince this to my family .. I don't think so.. They will tell, U r now very much educated no..thats why u r telling these.. Can't help ..Thats why I also become part of this just not to hurt Other's feelings.

I ask myself, Is there GOD..what is GOD..Is he living creature..whwre is He ..why don't we see him/her many Gods are there ? Scientifically, I don't see any reason to believe in GOD.

But philosophically there is GOD..

Its not clear in my mind ..Sometimes something happens in my life that tells me that see, Only GOD can do this..this is miracle..But at times by seeing hypocricity in Temples by Pandits ..I start believing that no..its all illusion..there is no GOD.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I pray to GOD, Give us more courage..

Today I saw two news in TV.. These both news has again shaken me ..Why should human have heart...should GOD keep Stone in place of heart ..?

1. Near Gurgaon, One software employee, while going by his office CAR to office (That day was his last day @ HCL, Gurgaon) few days ago, Met with an accident, such that, 5 Ft Steel Rod had penetrated his chest. His driver flew away (Bastard..Can't abuse more in public..).. But that guy (Supratim) was able to many people crossed him, but no body helped. Then he called His Mom and friend in Delhi. His friend could reach there in 1.30 Hrs. Some labors there helped him taking to hospital (AIIMS), where after 7.30 Hrs of operation, The Rod was taken out from his body and now he is out of danger.. Brave guy..

2. Near the border of Noida, In Delhi..One Call centre guy was coming back from office at 5AM. He lose control on bike and hit the Road devider, and his face got stuck in fence (Between two rods). So many cars, bike crossed him, But nobody stopped there to help him .. One person called 100 (Police), and after some time Noida police came to spot, But Noida police saw that Delhi police has already reached there. Both the police party were dicussing whose area is this for more than an hour and the person died in front of them. Finally it boiled down to Delhi area, Police took him directly for postmartom.They didn't even took him to hospital to confirm that he is really dead..Such a police..They have authority and all the wireless, Emergency hadling training..its part of their job ..let it be anywhere in noida or delhi..

I accept, at some time in my life (I remember once), I saw an accident and just crossed by, I felt going to help her (a lady was hit by a bus near Ram krishna ashram, Bangalore), But thought I may not be able to take care, the local people may do better .. and I saw some people came up and helped (in that sense Bangalore is far better than Delhi). I pray to GOD, give me atleast this much courage that I can help anybody in any such circumstance. Everything just vanishes one a person dies ..His friends, family ..enemies ..everything .. O! Almighty.. Give me and all human beings the sense to help each that everybody can live peacefully..

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


SDLC (Software Developement Life Cycle)

* Requirement phase
* Designing phase (HLD, DLD (Program spec))
* Coding
* Testing
* Release
* Maintenance

STLC (Software Testing Life Cycle)

* System Study
* Test planning
* Writing Test case or scripts
* Review the test case
* Executing test case
* Bug tracking
* Report the defect

Tips by Ashish Kumar Jha from Purnia, Bihar - 4

Did you forgot root password in linux?
You are in login screen and u forgot root password? Don't worry..Follow these easy steps ..
1. Reboot, as soon as u see GRUB on screen press Escape. Highlight first entry and press ‘e‘.
2. Go to the kernel line (something like “kernel /boot/vmlinuz-. . .“) and press ‘e‘ again.
3. Using arrow keys, go the very end of the line and leaving one space, type: single
4. Press that ESC key again, and then press ‘b‘ key to boot your machine.
5. You will get a command prompt. Type "passwd" and give "yourpassword".
6. Thats it..u change the root password and reboot to login in normal mode. No need to change anything while grub comes.

Tips by Ashish Kumar Jha from Purnia, Bihar - 3

If you have firefox browser, You can increase the speed of web surfing by following below steps.

1. Open about:config in the address bar

2. Change “network.http.pipelining” to “true”.

3. Change “network.http.proxy.pipelining” to “true”.

4. Set “network.http.pipelining.maxrequests” to 30 . This means it will take 30 requests at once.

5. Right click and click New > Integer. Name it “nglayout.initialpaint.delay” and set its value to “0″. The value means how long will the browser wait before it responds.

Online health solution -- Get appointment online

I came to know about this online health solution from one of my friend. So next time when I get fever, and I don't know where will I get a doctor, I will visit

Here I will search for Doctor for General medicine in Pin Code 560075. And I get the list of 41 doctors in my surrounding with phone numbers. I will call and get an appointment. In fact this site provide interface for taking appointment also.

For detailed information why don't you log in and see that..

Tips by Ashish Kumar Jha from Purnia, Bihar - 2

Well, You watch youtube videos but your connection is bit slow. So what you can do is search your video and play it. Once the play starts, pause it. So the video will be downloaded (cached) to ur local machine in temporary file. Once the play Line becomes complete red (Completely downloaded), You can play it and watch it.
Now you wanted to play the same video again and u don't want to wait..Simple ..There are various methods to get the video to ur machine and play using ur own player (Say mplayer, vlc, realplay..)

1. You can download Realplayer10, which have options to save youtube videos. (In windows, it works great)
2. There are several tools available, to download youtube video. Grab one and download (Works fine in Windows)
3. If u have Linux Desktop, There is easiest method. (The same may be true in Windows..I don't use windows..Well almost]
a. After pause let the video get downloaded completely.
b. Go to /tmp [cd /tmp]
c. type "ls -ltr' which will sort the files in modified time, so ur video will come in last. The video name will be something like this FlashkqgXus.
d. Copy this file to ur directory [cp FlashkqgXus /home/downloads/youtube1]
e. Now play this video any time using ur favorite player.

My setup is, Suse Linux Desktop, Firefox 1.5, VLC ..

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tips by Ashish Kumar Jha from Purnia, Bihar - 1

You Can listen online radio (Hindi songs). But what happens is every time you need to open a browser and Do several clicks in order to tune into a radio station. I will tell u simple steps (For Windows user with internet) which is really good.

1. Download and install iTunes download itunes
2. Open in any browser
3. In "Search For", Search for Hindi. You will see around 40 Radio stations around the world playing Hindi Songs 24/7
4. Open iTunes
5. Now click on 1st link in shoutcast result. The link will open in iTunes and will be kept there always even if u close the itunes.
6. Then click on second "Tune In", This site will also get loaded in iTunes. Similarly repeat the same for all radio sites in shoutcast.
7. Now from next time onwards, No need to open any browser. Just open iTunes and listen radio. If good song is not coming in one radio, just double click other radio station.

Abhi bas itna hi ..

Monday, May 19, 2008

Met with College friends at GARUDA MALL

Yesterday, I met with other 5 friends from VEC Bellary ECE branch. They were, Manju (Currently Working with Unisys), Santosh (Currently Working with Motorola), Guru (Currently Working with Accenture), Sanjeev (Currently Working with Veriphone), Shravan (Cuurently persuing M.Tech at NIT Trichy, in VLSI).

We gathered near Garuda Mall at 12.15 PM. First of all we took ticket for "Jannat" at INOX, 12.55 PM. We had some snacks.. watched movie .. had great fun ..

We roamed in Garuda mall for 2 hours and then, I came back to home.

It Was nice time with friends, and I hope this will contine every now and then and with more friends and different places ..

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Trip to Bannerghatta national park

I went to Chandrabhanu Bhaiya's Home in National Games village in Koromangala. There We thought to go somewhere... Finally We decided to go to Bannerghatta national park .. It was 2PM there only .. we reached National park at 2.45 PM. Got the ticket for Grand Safari. We had to wait in que for around 45 minutes to get into the "Mini Bus" so called safari. Then we went inside th forest and saw several open animals like Lion, Tiger, Dear, Bear, Panther..It was really great.. But As this was totally unplanned activity, I could not get Camera.
Surprisingly, I met with one of my collegue (With Family) and we all were in same Safari..Wat a coincidence..It was great fun ..
I came back to Bhaiyya's Home and had dinner (We prepared there..though it was a mess!!)..Came back to room at 10PM ..

Mathematical mistake in RACE Hindi Movie

In Race movie, There were so many twists and turns, Though some of the twists were expected, Why ? As In the Trailers running since 3-4 months on TV, There were some dialogues by Saif Ali Khan, Had not come till He was dead :) .

There was first 100 Million Dollar, Given by Insurance company to Katrina Kaif (+Akshay Khanna), Out of which, He gave 25 Million to Anil kapoor, And Anil kapoor gave some amount to manager of orphanage (Not disclosed.. It was some two packs.. But not sure how much was that). Now with Akshay, there were 75 Millions Dollars only.

Till, last both Anil Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan were in dileama, That they have 200 Million dollars.. Director made them fool.. There were only 175 Million dollars ..and I don't know how much was given to Anil Kapoor..

Testing Brains.. Works even u watch movie ... :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Trip to Hampi

I along with my Brother-In-Law went to Hubli by Bus on Friday. Saturday we booked a Innova and went to Hampi along with My Sister and her friends.

We first went to BVB College and saw the college, then went to College canteen. Later it took sometime to gather all friends. we moved from Hubli at 10.40 AM. My plan was to meet my friend Tilak, whose home is on the way to Hampi, In Koppal. We went to koppal and spent some time with Tilak. Had some group photos.

Then we moved to Hospet. I saw the time was 3PM and my return ticket for Bangalore was on 9.30 PM from Hubli. I Went to cyber cafe in Hospet and Canceled the ticket. After cancelling the ticket I wanted to book ticket to Bangalore at 11.30PM, I couldn't as the server was down. Again, I went to KSRTC bus stand to get the ticket, but there also server was down.

Finally, We moved to Hampi. We reached there at 4PM. We had lunch in Hampi. We saw one big temple (name I forgot :( ), And Queens Palace and some other monuments. While coming back, I booked ticket to bangalore at 11PM in Hospet.

In the whole trip, We (I, my BiL, my SiS and 6 of her friends) played various games, antakshari and enjoyed a lot.

We reached back to Hubli at 10 PM (I had requested to Warden, That all the girls will be back to Hostel by 8.30pm Max). After dropping them in Hostel, I and my BiL came to hotel, Packed our Bag and came to Hubli New Bus Stand. Got the bus, Reached bangalore today at 8AM.

It was a good unplanned outing and we all had a great fun.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Car driving

Today was my first car driving training class. Tariner's name is Manju, and He stays near Halasuru and belong to Bangalore only. He know Hindi, But not fluent. I was able to understand what he is telling.

The driving school is "Dhanush Driving School" (Again School?) in Indiranagar BDA complex. It was around one hour session. I was just moving the stearing left and right and nothing else. I feel, Car driving needs more discipline and concentration in comparison to bike. The problem with the car is, There are three things, Accelerator, Brake and Clutch and only two legs.

Though I don't have any plans to buy Car in near future, But learning just in case, I get enough money, I will buy a Second hand car and practice in Bangalore. (Preparing for after marriage effects !!)

It was great fun!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

ICICI bank Minimum Balance

ICICI has increased the minimum balance for its saving account to 10,000. It seems they are focussing more on upper middle and upper class customers only. As I feel, Its very difficult to maintain 10K Minm. In This age of consumerism, everybody is loaded with lots of expenses and credit card bills. Banks have fueled the expenses by providing Credit card.

I can't blame this to just Banks, Even we public has become adicted to that and we think why to pay by cash or debit card If I can keep the money for another 30-40 days and I will not have to pay anything extra. But our expenses have increased. I go to Big Bazaar and Even If I don't need anything argent, I will purchase it just because I am not supposed to pay right now. This has lead to Money-Mis-Management.

Anoth thing I came to know, That unlike before, I can not transfer money to any Bank's account at any time. First of all, Bank should fall under NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer) and not under EFT. Second thing is, It depends upon the branch also, What I mean, You may be able to transfer money from ICICI bank to SBI, RT nagar branch, But may be you can't to SBI gandhinagar branch. Also, Unlike earlier, You can transfer money only on working days and working time i.e upto 3.30PM on weekdays and upto 1.30PM on saturday.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Disclaimer: Ashish Kumar Jha

I am Starting writing blog again with discliamer

This blog is completely personal to me, and anything written in this blog, is best from my knowledge, But Neither any individual nor any Organization is responsible for any thing written.

If you find anything which is objectionable, let me know, I will take required action on that.

Thanks for your understanding.

Ashish Kumar Jha,
Bhatottar,Purnea, Bihar

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Yesterday, I had been to One Small Hotel for Tea with Surya Satya Narayana and Nataraj Gurumurthy, Had two coffee and one Pani-Puri. I gave Wasu (Person @ Counter) 50 Rupees. I didn't took Change. Today again I went for tea, When Nataraj wanted to pay for Tea, He told to me that, I had forgot to collect the change Y'day. He gave me back my change.

Truely speaking, I didn't remember that i have forgot to take change. Honesty is still here.. :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Team Outing

Y'day, we went to watch "Jodha Akbar" with my team at PVR. It was "OK" Kind of. Some of my team mate are not good in Hindi and that too mixed with Urdu. It was hard time for them to understand the dialogues. Overall It was great fun.

One of GOOD review link.

Some words which I learned are "Takliya" and "Hukm ki tamil Ho"