Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sync between what I think, Feel, Say and do is in progress

I don't know If the heart can think or brain can feel or both thinking and feeling are done by Brain .. One thing is for sure that heart does not think .. But For now I believe, Brain thinks and Heart feels.

In many person, Heart is more dominating and in some Brain is more.. In my case its heart which rules. This is my observation that most of the times what brain thinks, is right from other's perspective like family's perspective, Friends perspective.. Brain thinks, Hey work hard ..Don't do orkut in office ..its not allowed.. But Heart ..Hey come on, just have a glimpse of His status ..her new photos ..etc.. Heart feels better when We go for a movie keeping aside the work..

Again, Everybody have two faces is public and one is private... In public, We restrain our self talking ..and we care what should be conveyed ..Extremely careful in showcasing the word that I am good ..But in private side ..Once I/Any male sees a beautiful girl..Thinks to get closer to her..Or sees some person rising, Private side becomes jealous but public side will go and congratulate.

Also, I talk about unconditional love..But no body agrees ..Everybody says its just a propaganda ..which is far from reality .. I believe for any person to be happy, He should love unconditionally. But its like To whom you love should also love back unconditional. But Do I love anybody unconditional per some of friends I am not .. Not even to my parents .. So I must try to make all these four important part of life to be equal ..So for that we use synchronization..

I should feel working hard ..Completing my task, making others happy ..and the same thing I should think ..And I should talk that I will do that and Finally I should do the same.. Currently this process is in progress .. This process takes quite long time ..may be years ..and sometimes this process dumps core and could not get completed ..

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