Friday, November 28, 2008

Two Years @ Novell : Ashish Kumar Jha From Purnia, Bihar

Two years passed and I think, I have joined few days back ..Its refreshingly .. No grudge .. No Pain .. Happiness .. that is what Novell has given me ... I have my friends in more than 100 software companies .. But There is something unique about Novell.. In fact there are several unique things about Novell..

One among that is almost every function we have in Novell, We call Family member of employees .. Let it be team outing . sports day .. Novell Anniversary day ..

Second, In any of the team parties, Alcohal is strictly prohibited .. In most of the IT company .. Its not there..

There is TGWIN (Thank God We r In Novell) every 2 Months .. Where we have Fun ..lots of Fun .. Music ..Games .. Dance..

Then Comes the Infrastructure .. Nice Cubicles ..With good privacy .. Spacious .. Great LAB management ..

The Transport fascility from entire Bangalore -- Free Of Cost.. And If one stay beyond 8PM (No Body Encourages this here in Novell.. ), We have cab drop fascility till home..

Almost free (25% we pay..) great lunch ..snacks.. breakfast ...

Competitive Salary and Perks .. Positive environment ..

And last but not least.. The OpenNess .. We are the major contributor to Open Source World .. Be It Operationg System (Open Suse) Or Application Framework (MONO) etc..

I work for Identity and Security Management product which is pioneer in the world . A large number of Fortune 500 Companies are our customers ..

Everybody here is very much co-operative .. Willingness to work and contribute .. Learning opportunities are plenty..

Its great working here .. 2 years ..

I love Novell..


Ashish Kumar

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Law and Order Situation in India

The global recession was already troubling the economic capital of India apart form the problems created by MNS for North Indians. And then comes the serial blasts in Mumbai . More than 100 People died along with 14 Police Personnel. Terrorists can enter any where and make people hostages. What is the law and order situation and what does Intelligence doing? Who is there to care for common public? He lives on the God's faith.. For this reason only He pays taxes for every thing? Income tax, sales tax, property tax ..

One thing here is to understand, Those people who were killed had no idea that they might get killed. There may be doctors, Engineers or businessman like any of us, and nothing can replace their loss to their family.. Why we fear then so much for life.. We have no control on life at all.. Nobody feels safe..

Its very difficult time for entire world.. Those guys .. They are given fire inside their heart that go and die for the religion. Even the highly educated person comes in their words.. What they get out of it ..? out of 100 died, There can be different religion people .. They don't have any work ? .. Though we tell Law and Order is worst .. Its true to an extent only.. Govt. Can not put police every where in India .. Our people are helping them .. Our people.. Indians .are supporting them to do these things .. there should be patriotic and humanity message should be spread .. Indians and any person should not help These terrorists .. And If any One caught and proved to be either Terrorist or helping them ..Please do not forgive them .. They don't understand Peace process.. Just kill them they kill our brothers and sisters ..

Police and Other related persons should have fire inside them to clean up this .. See and Shoot these ******* ..

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Smoking Ban in Public Places: Views by Ashish Kumar Jha

Dear Mr. Ramdoss,

I appreciate your willingness to curb on this very important health issue. You are spending a lot on advertising the same and every Hotel, Organization etc.. had to put NO SMOKING board and No body is allowed to smoke inside campus. Well, I can say the smoking have not decreased and you knew this before. May be If a smoker used to have 10 Cigrates in a day, He will have 9 a day.. He goes out and smokes.

In fact, I believe, Its not possible to stop smoking.. This should be felt by individual that this is BAD.. But The craze is such that, I see even Girls smoking in public now.. If Government is really interested to BAN smoking, BAN the companies.. All these Wills, GoldFlake are manufactured in INDIA..BAN the company and provide other Jobs to displaced employees.. Stop the imports of Cigrates.. But this is not possible by you .. For this a lot of Guts and real willingness is required not the media attention..

You see, Gujarat is a complete DRY state where, Liquor can't be sold. They took this tough decisions and I believe its working to an extent. But lastly, I believe, People should realize that, smoking is injurious to their heath. Writing Statuary Warning on Packs is not going to benefit.

A Citizen of India...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Back to bangalore after long holiday

Today, I came back to bangalore after a long holiday. The masti trip was started on 4th october, when I had been to Mysore, Then I went to Mumbai, Pune, Lonawala, Khandala on 8th, then Kudremukh on 18th. on 24th I went to Kolkata then home (Purnia) then some local places in Bihar and then Delhi on 6th November. on 8th night, I went to Jaipur and on 11th morning came back to bangalore.
It was great trip I ever had. I met more than 100 people (family n friends spread across India). More on this later..