Thursday, November 27, 2008

Law and Order Situation in India

The global recession was already troubling the economic capital of India apart form the problems created by MNS for North Indians. And then comes the serial blasts in Mumbai . More than 100 People died along with 14 Police Personnel. Terrorists can enter any where and make people hostages. What is the law and order situation and what does Intelligence doing? Who is there to care for common public? He lives on the God's faith.. For this reason only He pays taxes for every thing? Income tax, sales tax, property tax ..

One thing here is to understand, Those people who were killed had no idea that they might get killed. There may be doctors, Engineers or businessman like any of us, and nothing can replace their loss to their family.. Why we fear then so much for life.. We have no control on life at all.. Nobody feels safe..

Its very difficult time for entire world.. Those guys .. They are given fire inside their heart that go and die for the religion. Even the highly educated person comes in their words.. What they get out of it ..? out of 100 died, There can be different religion people .. They don't have any work ? .. Though we tell Law and Order is worst .. Its true to an extent only.. Govt. Can not put police every where in India .. Our people are helping them .. Our people.. Indians .are supporting them to do these things .. there should be patriotic and humanity message should be spread .. Indians and any person should not help These terrorists .. And If any One caught and proved to be either Terrorist or helping them ..Please do not forgive them .. They don't understand Peace process.. Just kill them they kill our brothers and sisters ..

Police and Other related persons should have fire inside them to clean up this .. See and Shoot these ******* ..

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