Saturday, March 7, 2009

VEC ECE 2005 passout meet @ Lalbagh: A successful Event

There were totally 100 Students in our batch @ Vijayanagar Engineering College, Bellary in Electronics And Communication Engineering batch. Out of 100, around 40 are here in Bangalore. Few of our batch mate got married, Few were out of station, and Few are abroad. Considering all that, 14 Friends are a good number. Though I was expecting 20+ Friends, But .. No issues .. It was good start after 4 Years almost..

I reached Lalbagh @ 2.45 PM. Friends started coming, And It became 14 by 4PM. We all sat in lawn near to Glass House.. Started with some snacks and cold drinks ..

Then there was, Introduction .. Mainly to tell about what happened after they came out of college .. Then there was tea..Kaju ..Some fun .. Remembering those golden days .. We Remembered our other friends who could not make it to the event .. We recalled all good and bad days @ VEC.. Our lecturers .. Canteen ..Hostel.. VTU youth Fest ..

See the pics of this event here.

Then there was some time spent for telling some good/bad/funny moments in college ... And then there was photo session ..

Then, we left, with promise, that next time we will meet in more strength ..

Later I went to Muthu's House, and then there was sudden plan to go to Khao gali (Near BV puram). We had Obbittu (Sweet item), Akki Roti, Masala Dosa and Masala cold drink. And back to room by 9PM.

Friedns who joined are:
1. Ashish Kumar (@ Novell)
2. Manju Hubli (@ EMC2)
3. Goni Basappa (@ HAL)
4. Guru (@ Accesnture)
5. Rakesh (@ Cisco)
6. Ravindra Raju (@ Dell)
7. Yalesh (@ HCL)
8. Raja Bakhshi Bali (Infosys)
9. Harsha (@ Sonata)
10. Krishna (Sorry. I forgot.. Will update soon, He did OCP working on Oracle)
11. Suma (@ Oracle)
12. Santosh (Did M.Tech from NIE mysore recently)
13. Mruthunjaya (@ Dell)
14. Dinakar (@ Axiom)

Next time, I hope the list will be bigger. Friends, If any offence in Keeping your name/company name in this blog, let me know. No issues.. I will remove.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

VEC-ECE 2005 Passout batch meet .. on 7th March ..

Waiting to meet u Guys/Gals 2005 Passout from VEC Bellary - ECE batch..@ Lalbagh on 7th March @ 3PM :)..

Friends, I might have missed few..Please keep the spirit up and inform them ..

Monday, March 2, 2009

IndiBlogger meet 2009 @ Microsoft Signature tower

I had plans to go for IndiBloggers meet on 28th Feb 2009 @ 3PM @ MS on Intermediate Ring Road. where there was an informal gathering by some 100 Bloggers of Bangalore ..Event was sponsored by Microsoft.. There was first look session on Windows 7 by some guys as well..Other than some fun Filled events ..

I asked my friend, whether He wants to join.. He says I have no blogs.. Don't worry .. I said ..OK lets ask to the contact person there at IndiBlogger.. I called up there..I asked whether my friend who has no blogs and not yet registered for the event (its 12.30PM), Can he come with me.. He said no issues.

So many work between 12 to 3 ·to me and to Him.. Finally we managed to reach @ Microsoft's Signature building.. Got in .. Met lot of guys some from Non-Tech and mostly from tech companies ..With one guest speaker from MS .. Good time ..

We started with 1 minutes of fame..where in, there was a time-Glass (remember busy symbol in Windows prior to vista..) which will get emptied from one side to other in one minute exact..The person has to come and speak exactly for 1 minute .. about his blog..why he started an what is the theme etc,,just in one minute ..

After few guys/gals, It was my turn.. Started with .. Well This is Ashish Working For.. I started Blogging 2 Years ago just for fun..Theme of my blog is "Spread Unconditional Love"..I write about Life's experiences ..Technology..Open source.. People started smiling/laughing ..Started asking questions to me ..Beyond a minute ..Did u get any unconditional Love.. I said many..Its about .. People became silent ..with the seriousness with which I said above..Well, I believe there may be some hits from those guys to my blog ..Well no conditions apply ..

Many more ..around 70 guys came ..talked abt their blog..

It was followed by Mr Gireesh's talk on BizSpark, a new initiative by MS for start ups..wherein they will provide 25 licences of Visual studio, OS, desktop/Server both, Different types of productivity soft wares ..costing aroung $60K free of cost .. only condition is it has to be startup ..

That was followed by a small IndiBlogger gigg quiz.. How well do u know ur readers? ..There will be a comment taken from one's blog and that blogger has to identify that its from his blog.. If he does he has to a bit....

Then there was a session on Bloggers rights and responsibility by people. There was quite good debate ..Over Pink chaddi compaign..over various issue ..

And there was windows 7 Presentation and Demo (Though its good .. but not better than SuSe Linux.. I was thinking .. Cool xgl 3D..easy software installation and no viruses..and lot more cost effective..and if no money ..don't worry go for OpenSuse11..)

Many a times, Spread Unconditional Love was cited/spoken by fellow bloggers and everytime they talk about Spread/Unconditional/Love a nice smile over everybody's face.. Keep it up ..

Then there was Pizza ..lots of pizza..Cold drinks ..sprite..thumsup..Mirinda all there .. Coffee Tea.. Good arrangements .. We had Pizza and then I had to go Koromangala .. So met with few IndiBlogger members ..exchanged contacts ..and went to koromangala.. Sombody commented (unknowingly?) see u again over Pizza.. Did I mind .. Never .. I will definately meet that guy again over next meeting ..:)

It was really awsome ..Thanks IndiBlogger.. Thanks MS for PIzza .. Thanks Bangalore bloggers ... Thanks buddy for giving company .. Good day ..Went to Bhaiyya's home .. I (Apna hi hai bhaiya ka hai to..) got brand new Red color Avenger .. Got first time over that bike for some time .. Came back home by 9.30 PM .. Good Night .. :)

Unforgettable 7 hours .. Friday Fun

Friday, 27Th Feb 2008, Time 7.30PM: Lots of work at office. Had planned to work till late night and finish off some tasks. Narayana comes..Asked to go to Movie..I told which one? with almost bad face..But did change my face and said ..OK lets decide which one..He said English..Some Pink Panther..I said Hindi or Telugu (Koncham estam Koncham kastam)..Finally Hindi ..Which One ..OK Delhi 6.. Done..Lets finish few work and move by 8.30PM from office..

Time 8.05PM: Call from my room, Ranjan (My Cook..My Brother like..) called me and said come ASAP, As I am making poori-and Matar-Alu sabji..Please have it hot .. I said, I have to go movie ..But He said Have dinner and go..I said, Ok Make that for two then..will be @Home in 20 Mins.

Time:8.40PM: I and Narayana @ My room. Nice food ..Had Garam Garam Poori sabji..I must say, When Ranjan is in good mood, He makes food simply delecious..Yummy..Started feeling sleepy..Its 8.55, Ranjan Needs my USB drive to get some movie copied from somewhere.. No space in Disk..Start PC, Cut-Paste to system its 7GB .Oh My God..Just cut/paste 1.5GB and gave to Ranjan..

Time: 9.03 PM: From My room its 100 Metres.. Narayana Asks which theatre to go, Rex (Brigade road, Right from Nandini Bakery, Near my home on GM palya main road)) Or Innovative multiplex (Marathalli, Left from Nandini Bakery, Near my home on main road). As I was on bike behind Narayana No option to toss a coin, I asked say a random time between 8.55 and 9.5PM, If time u said is less than actual time, we Will go to Rex or else we will go to Marathalli. Well He said, 9.01, and it was 9.03 so lets go to Brigade road.

Time 9.05 PM: Near Nanddini Bakery. There is Traffic jam towards right, OK Sudden change, take left and now we are going towards Innovative multiplex. On the way to Marathalli.

Time:9.25PM: Near Marathalli Bridge. I said what will we do going to movie man..Its bore movie ..Lets go somewhere out of Bangalore..Somewhere cool and calm..some 50 KM from Bangalore.. He was not ready .. I said, OK lets go and Have tea at New airport ..(Yes around 47 KM from there).. He took a left turn (Innovative is right side). I thanked him. Its longer route compared to from my room from Old madras side, But we are on outer ring road. Great on the way to Airport now.

Time 10.10PM: Near Hebbal flyover: Have tea..relax..Good time with Tea-shopkeeper..I said I don't want to pay now, Can I pay tomorrow .. He started some story .. Well, It was all fun ..Laugh ..See u later ..We said ..and we moved again.. reached very near to airport ..may be 4 KM from airport..

Time: 11.20 PM: stopped bike road side.. There was nice greenery and temperature was cool..I was feeling very cold, As I was in T-shirt and no jacket.. Well we spent there around 50 Minutes .. I had my iPod with me ..Listened nice old Hindi songs by Mukesh .. lying on green grass somewhere beside main highway to airport ..seeing blue sky ..stars..remembering the Radium starts in my Room ..In Night, When u sleep in my hall, it seems u r beneath the sky ..but that's artificial ..The Fan's sound make it clear . But here it was all natural..Slow cool wind blowing ..Blue sky .. Great ..

Time 12.00 AM: My friend was thinking something, I said what? He said there was 23 cars crossed in one minute..I said OK lets play game one minute, u count first then I will count number of cars crossing our bike, He got 18 I got 11 .. I lost..While coming I Had said, I will pay for tea @ SubWay @ Airport..Lets move again..

Time 12.15 AM: Parked bike ..Roamed around ..saw small tea/snacks shop.. I ordered for 2 Tea and two samosas.. Hell..He says I will have Tea @ SubWay only, I said its 5Rs buddy here..Have it no..there it is 70 Bucks.. No way.. u said SubWay..Smiles like ..Khair leave it.. ..Ok ..Damn ..To Shopkeeper..Can u please return me 5 Rs.. No sir.. Please sir.. No sir.. Ok..Ok ..(Now ..just now I remember, It was 19, I gave him 20, He didn't return my 1 Re.. )

Time 12.45 AM: @ Subway.. Two coffee ..How much..68 ..Great ..Hey it should be 70 for one ..Damn come it is just 34 .. He said.. Angry ..Sad ..Different emotions in a minute ..:) I know He is good Pal..Teasing me ..Huh ..

Time: 1.25 AM: I am getting sleep buddy ..Lets go home.. Hey ..Give me keys, I will drive.. I said .. I got the key .. His bike is good ..Mine Pulsar ..Old Second hand bike..if it goes to 100KM/ starts shaking badly ..But Apache ..Good one .. Good grip on Road ..Balanced ...As soon as Speed goes in 3 digits ..He starts ..... There was an accident on the Highway .. Slow down man..I said to myself.. Decide no..I will not cross 80 on highway ..(lets see )..

Time: 2.10 PM: Near KR Puram FlyOver..I need tea ..Where will we get tea, at this time..But He knows.. Came near Tin factory ..Got tea.. Feeling good ..better .. Now where to go for sleeping.. My bike is in office.. Hey come to my room no, I said ..He say no mine.. OK ..

Time: 2.40 AM @ Narayana's Room.. Hey we will watch some movie now.. Some English movie ..Started ..Getting forward ..saw half an hour ..

Time: 3.30 AM: Thinking ..What a fantastic 7 hours .. Will not forget in near future ..

Time is just indicative..may not be exact..But mostly its correct to the minute .. :)