Thursday, July 17, 2008

I pray to GOD, Give us more courage..

Today I saw two news in TV.. These both news has again shaken me ..Why should human have heart...should GOD keep Stone in place of heart ..?

1. Near Gurgaon, One software employee, while going by his office CAR to office (That day was his last day @ HCL, Gurgaon) few days ago, Met with an accident, such that, 5 Ft Steel Rod had penetrated his chest. His driver flew away (Bastard..Can't abuse more in public..).. But that guy (Supratim) was able to many people crossed him, but no body helped. Then he called His Mom and friend in Delhi. His friend could reach there in 1.30 Hrs. Some labors there helped him taking to hospital (AIIMS), where after 7.30 Hrs of operation, The Rod was taken out from his body and now he is out of danger.. Brave guy..

2. Near the border of Noida, In Delhi..One Call centre guy was coming back from office at 5AM. He lose control on bike and hit the Road devider, and his face got stuck in fence (Between two rods). So many cars, bike crossed him, But nobody stopped there to help him .. One person called 100 (Police), and after some time Noida police came to spot, But Noida police saw that Delhi police has already reached there. Both the police party were dicussing whose area is this for more than an hour and the person died in front of them. Finally it boiled down to Delhi area, Police took him directly for postmartom.They didn't even took him to hospital to confirm that he is really dead..Such a police..They have authority and all the wireless, Emergency hadling training..its part of their job ..let it be anywhere in noida or delhi..

I accept, at some time in my life (I remember once), I saw an accident and just crossed by, I felt going to help her (a lady was hit by a bus near Ram krishna ashram, Bangalore), But thought I may not be able to take care, the local people may do better .. and I saw some people came up and helped (in that sense Bangalore is far better than Delhi). I pray to GOD, give me atleast this much courage that I can help anybody in any such circumstance. Everything just vanishes one a person dies ..His friends, family ..enemies ..everything .. O! Almighty.. Give me and all human beings the sense to help each that everybody can live peacefully..

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


SDLC (Software Developement Life Cycle)

* Requirement phase
* Designing phase (HLD, DLD (Program spec))
* Coding
* Testing
* Release
* Maintenance

STLC (Software Testing Life Cycle)

* System Study
* Test planning
* Writing Test case or scripts
* Review the test case
* Executing test case
* Bug tracking
* Report the defect

Tips by Ashish Kumar Jha from Purnia, Bihar - 4

Did you forgot root password in linux?
You are in login screen and u forgot root password? Don't worry..Follow these easy steps ..
1. Reboot, as soon as u see GRUB on screen press Escape. Highlight first entry and press ‘e‘.
2. Go to the kernel line (something like “kernel /boot/vmlinuz-. . .“) and press ‘e‘ again.
3. Using arrow keys, go the very end of the line and leaving one space, type: single
4. Press that ESC key again, and then press ‘b‘ key to boot your machine.
5. You will get a command prompt. Type "passwd" and give "yourpassword".
6. Thats it..u change the root password and reboot to login in normal mode. No need to change anything while grub comes.

Tips by Ashish Kumar Jha from Purnia, Bihar - 3

If you have firefox browser, You can increase the speed of web surfing by following below steps.

1. Open about:config in the address bar

2. Change “network.http.pipelining” to “true”.

3. Change “network.http.proxy.pipelining” to “true”.

4. Set “network.http.pipelining.maxrequests” to 30 . This means it will take 30 requests at once.

5. Right click and click New > Integer. Name it “nglayout.initialpaint.delay” and set its value to “0″. The value means how long will the browser wait before it responds.

Online health solution -- Get appointment online

I came to know about this online health solution from one of my friend. So next time when I get fever, and I don't know where will I get a doctor, I will visit

Here I will search for Doctor for General medicine in Pin Code 560075. And I get the list of 41 doctors in my surrounding with phone numbers. I will call and get an appointment. In fact this site provide interface for taking appointment also.

For detailed information why don't you log in and see that..

Tips by Ashish Kumar Jha from Purnia, Bihar - 2

Well, You watch youtube videos but your connection is bit slow. So what you can do is search your video and play it. Once the play starts, pause it. So the video will be downloaded (cached) to ur local machine in temporary file. Once the play Line becomes complete red (Completely downloaded), You can play it and watch it.
Now you wanted to play the same video again and u don't want to wait..Simple ..There are various methods to get the video to ur machine and play using ur own player (Say mplayer, vlc, realplay..)

1. You can download Realplayer10, which have options to save youtube videos. (In windows, it works great)
2. There are several tools available, to download youtube video. Grab one and download (Works fine in Windows)
3. If u have Linux Desktop, There is easiest method. (The same may be true in Windows..I don't use windows..Well almost]
a. After pause let the video get downloaded completely.
b. Go to /tmp [cd /tmp]
c. type "ls -ltr' which will sort the files in modified time, so ur video will come in last. The video name will be something like this FlashkqgXus.
d. Copy this file to ur directory [cp FlashkqgXus /home/downloads/youtube1]
e. Now play this video any time using ur favorite player.

My setup is, Suse Linux Desktop, Firefox 1.5, VLC ..