Sunday, November 29, 2009

Completed 3 years at Novell on 29/11/2009

Today I completed 3 years service at Novell.. Let me share you my first day at Novell.. It was very funny actually ..

Before Novell, I was working with Afila for 1.1 Yr, which was a service company, and we used to wear mostly formal dress. There was no rule as such except on wednesday, we had to come to office in formals only with full sleeve shirt, Formal Pants, Formal shoes..

On First day, to get good impression or whatever.. I went to Novell in Suit/Tie/Formal wear, and I was amazed to see, nobody in the office was in formals.. almost everybody was in Jeans/T-shirt. Well, I had to fill several forms and it took around two hours for that .. Later, I was introduced with my team.. and one colleague couldn't control to say to take off my suit/tie. It was very funny for others.. not for me though..

There were some other funny incident on the same day, which my team and myself can never forget .. But I am not gonna share those for now.. :)

In last three years, Novell has given me a lot.. Lots of happiness, job satisfaction, many friends and lots of weight (Kidding..) But I can say that, I have not returned Novell that much. I owe a lot to Novell snd I promise myself to work even smarter, and do my work more effectively, and contribute towards Novell's success..

Thanks Novell ..