Monday, January 11, 2010

7 working phone numbers just for me ..

Yes! Its true that currently there are 7 phone/mobile numbers, which belongs to me and I am the only Person who can answer call on these. I wanted to recall my journey with phones.

I got my first mobile phone in 2003, when the incoming became free. It was Nokia 3315 with Airtel connection. I was very excited to own a mobile. Those days, Call was bit costly, so I was not making many calls from the mobile, rather I used to call from PCO. Later, In 2004, Reliance CDMA was launched with 501 Rs Postpaid scheme. I got the new white LG mobile, which had R-World feature, with which I was able to check my mails as well. I gave old Nokia mobile to one of my friend.

I came to Bangalore in 2005, Got a job in Nov. 2005. I had a dream to own a Landline phone in my name. So I applied for a tata-indicom Landline phone. As I was staying bachelor, the agent said, better you get this phone in ur room owner house, and say He is your uncle and you are staying with him. I did the same, and got Landline phone. There was a scheme, that along with Landline phone, one mobile was given, and till one year, the call from my landline to my mobile was free. So In December 2005, I had three phones. Later after few weeks, I gave Reliance mobile to somebody.

I was working in Afila, sometimes in shifts 3PM-12AM, and there was a cab drop after 12AM. In the office, after 9 PM, I was getting sleep, So, I used to call my roomates and, they used to keep my Land line phone connected to my mobile and near Computer playing Songs and I used to enjoy free. If any friend visit my room and I am not there, they used to call me from my landline. It was absolutely free. So till yet I had two phones. I still have these two phone with same number.

In 2006 November, I joined novell, and got a Direct Phone number,, My third phone. In 2007 December, I applied for BSNL broadband connection, but after few months, they said, as there is no Line in that area, they can't connect phone and asked me to get back the refund which I had paid while applying for connection. I never went to BSNL office for the refund.

As I didn't get BSNL broadband, I applied for airtel broadband in Feb 2008 and got the connection with a phone .. My Fourth phone which is still with me ..

One of my close friend works for Reliance, and He said me to get a Reliance number so that he can call me free. I said him, Give me two hours and I will call you from my new Reliance number. I went to Reliance Office with all required document and got Reliance prepaid number activated withing\ 2 hours, This phone is still with me. Initially I used to talk with my Reliance friend hours together, But now a days, we both are bit busy and talk once in a while. I still have this phone with me, but I don't carry this phone with me, and it remains off most of the time, unless I want to talk to my friend -- This was my fifth phone ..

In 2009 September, I wanted to get a new High-end mobile, But thought not to go for CDMA phone, so I had to drop tata-indicom mobile which is since 4+ years with me now and many places I have given this number, My Banks, Insurance, Investments, Credit cards and many friends.. So It was bit difficult to drop this number. So I decided to keep this phone as well and Got a new Nokia Express Music 5800 Mobile along with Airtel connection .. My 6th Phone..

On 31st December, I saw the same BSNL lineman in my area who had visited me 2 years before, I asked him, what happened, I had applied for the BSNL broadband 2 years back, I have not yet got the connection. He said, still the connection has not reached that area, But I can do something. He came to my room and proposed to connect from a far distant apartment directly, which He said is not allowed officially, But He said, I want your New year to be happy and you should talk on this phone on 1st Jan. I will connect the phone today and It will start working from Jan 1st. He did connect a long wire (around 200 Meters) but the phone started working only on 4th Jan 2010. Later on 6th, I got my BSNL broadband working too. This was my 7th phone.

So today I have 6 Phones in my house .. 2 Tata Indicom Postpaid, 1 Airtel prepaid, 1 Airtel Postpaid, 1 BSNL Postpaid, 1 Reliance prepaid and One Airtel Landline in office.. Now, I am going to cancel Airtel Broadband, so that I will be left with 6 phones only. :)

Similar to phones, I have 3 computers as well :) (Actually I wanted to setup a client server Lab with wireless connectivity and was trying to setup a Private Web server, File server and Mail server just for learning purpose, though I have not yet done this setup, But its in my To-Do list) .. 2 PCs and one laptop .. Both the PCs are connected with single monitor, single KB and Mouse using KVM switch. and one Dell Studio laptop.

:) Bye Till My Next Post .. Thanks for visiting my blog ..

Friday, January 1, 2010

India in last Decade..

Wish You All A Warm, Happy And Prosperous New Year..

Last 10 years wrote a history for India and most importantly the IT sector has done tremendously well.. After Dot-Com boom, It was Indian IT services companies which reached to new heights in last 10 years. Many Indian IT companies got listed in NASDAQ. The job opportunities in IT sector made many people prosperous.

Apart from IT, it was Telecom sector, which changed the way we used to communicate. from merely 5-6 Million Mobile subscribers in 2000, Now India has 450 Million mobile subscribers. The Teli density is increased hugely. The Internet has reached to masses, Still lot more needs to be done in internet space, considering almost nill penetration in rural India.

Also, Reality sector wrote good success story .. Many Indian Builders are now contending for overseas projects.

Still, Farmer suicide, widening gap between Rich and Poor, Food insufficiency, price rise etc.. are major concerns.

India has great potential to get into league of world leaders in coming years.

Wishing a peaceful world!!