Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bihar Day: 22 March : Celebrations in Bangalore

Bihar as a separate State was formed on 22nd March 1912. Before that, Bihar was Part of Bengal. Initially, Orissa and Jharkhand were also part of Bihar. On April 1, 1936 Orissa was formed out of Bihar, and On 15th November 2000, Jharkhand was separated from Bihar. We Biharis Celebrate, 22nd March as Bihar Divas. There is 3 Day long (22-24 march) Celebrations happening in Bihar.

Happy Bihar Day !!!

It is said that, After Bihar-Jharkhand Separation, Bihar was left with 75% Population and 25% Resources. Well, Today Bihar's GDP growth is 11.5%, Second after Gujraat. Bihar received No. 1 e-governance state award in 2008, and Nitish Kumar received, Business icon of year 2009 award. Bihar had a great Past .. Chanakya, Ashok, Koutilya, Gautam Buddh, Rajendra Prasad and many others are renowned personalities from Bihar.

Bihar was ruined in last 2 Decades .. But Now, Bihar is changing in every aspects, Governance, Law and Order situation, Roads, Electricity, Health care, Education .. Though it will take some more years to get Back its glory . But its possible .. We all need to be goodwill brand ambassador of Bihar and Send the Positive Waves about Bihar's Change to rest of the world.

On 22nd March, There was Huge Celebration on Bihar Day, Organized by Bihar Foundation - Bangalore Chapter, in Hotel Lalit Ashok, KumaraKrupa Road, Bangalore. Eminent personalities, Including, IG of Bangalore, Tathagat Avtaar Tulsi (Wonder Kid, Who is the Youngest PhD in Asia. He completed His PhD from IISc Bangalore at the age of 21) were present on this occasion. I had the opportunity to meet Tathagat, in person, after 5 Years. It was great pleasure to meet him.

There was Music and Dance programs by Various artists. They performed Various Indian Dance Forms Including, Karnataka's Yakshgana, Maharshtra's Lavani, North East's Kathak, South India's Bharatnatyam etc..

And Lastly, we had great great Dinner @ Lalit Ashok, The Pioneer 5 Star Hotel of Bangalore.. It was great time there .. Enjoyed a lot .. Some of the Event's Pics

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Configure Beetel 450BXI wiFi Modem with BSNL

Initially I had Airtel Broadband connection with Wired Modem (Beetel 220BXI). AT that time I had 2 PCs. Later when I got my Dell Lappy, I asked Airtel to get me a WiFi Modem. They had two options, either purchase or take it on rent. I purchased it. So I had another Modem, Beetel 450BXI.

Some time back, I removed Airtel and got BSNL broadband connection, and they gave one Wired Modem UT300RTU. I had asked to BSNL Technical person who had connected this modem in my house about my existing Beetel Modem, He said, he needs to change the Firmware (?) and which can be done by written application only. [Believe me, to change my Broadband Plan, I had to visit BSNL office and submit an application for that, whereas with Airtel, it was just one call to customer care]

Well, after few days, I thought, lets try to configure WiFi Modem. It was so simple.. below was the steps ..

1. Connected The BSNL Line cable to 450BXI, and connected network cable from port1 (This modem has 4 ports) to my Laptop.
2. In Browser, Open [Catch, BSNL default credentials are admin/admin, whereas Airtel has admin/password, and I had to use admin/password]
3. Click Advanced Setup -> WAN. Delete all the rows by selecting all Remove option and clicking Remove.
4. Click Add. Enter VPI=0, VCI=35. Service Category= UBR Without PCR Click Next.
5. Connection Type : PPPoE, Encapsulation: LLC/SNAP , Click Next ..
6. PPP username= hk80XXXXXXXX@bsnl.in [80 is Bangalore STD code, and XX is my landline number], Please ask to Customer Care for ur username, But ideally, It should be same. Password is password. Service Name = DataOne . Authentication Method = AUTO MTU=1492 , Nothing else to select. Click next
7. You may/may not Enable Firewall. Enable NAT. Enable WAN Service. and service name = pppoe_35_1 Click Next. Save.
8. Now in Left side pane, Click Wireless. Select Basic. Check Enable Wireless only. Give SSID name as your name or something [When ur wifi device will search, u will see this name listed as available wiFi network.] Country India. Max Client 16 or less. Do not check Enable Wireless Guest Network. Click Save/Apply.
9. Click Wireless->Security. SSID=as mentioned above. Network Authentication=Open. WEP encrytion=Enabled. Strength=64 bit. Current network key=1 Network Key 1= Your Password. This will be asked, If u try to connect to this Network using ur WiFi Device. Save/Apply
10. Click Advanced Setup. Click Save/Reboot.

That's it !!! .. Now after Modem Reboot, You will be able to use WiFi.

It worked for me, and I thought to share this with world Hope this works for you as well..

Also, I believe, the default firmware supplied with any Modem should work with any Broadband service provider. Only their configurations are bit different.

Keep Spreading Unconditional Love !!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Kudos to NDTV Greenathon Initiative

Till sometime back, This Project (Toyota NDTV Greenathon) has received Donations to Support 155 Villages for Lighting and raised ~4 Crore.

Priyanka Chopra being part of this project is great and She Deserves applause and Thanks by the Indians.. She Stands as per her Stature..

We can also contribute in various ways, both financially or Non-financially .. We can donate to the project (More details @ http://green.ndtv.com/ Or we can at least do something in our home.. Like not wasting water .. Switching off extra lights..

Bangalore used to be one of the Greenest City.. Some 20 Yrs back, I hear, Most of the roads had Trees on both sides.. Now, Its not the case .. many construction works, Metro, Road-widening has resulted in Cutting of trees..

Lets do our bit .. Its logical.. isn't it .. We must think about our future Generation .. :)

NDTV, Keep up the good work and Keep inspiring us ..