Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I talked to one of my best friend after 15 years

I am very very happy today as Mritunjaya called me. When There was Birthday Celebration Happening, He was calling me and I was cancelling the call for 5 times. Then I recieved the call, But could not hear properly who was that, So I told him that, I am in a meeting, And will call him later.

I can feel, what mritunjaya might think..I am calling to Ashish After 15 years !!!! And He is unable to talk to me. Then I called him on his mobile. As soon he told, I am mritunjaya, I was extremely happy. In the last 15 years, I had tried several times to find his contacts, But could not get. After a good effort He could get my contact number and I was .. No words..

Let the world know, That he was the only person during my school days, with whom I was so much attached. In every wrong or right, He used to be with me. For some home works, I used to solve maths for him [He told on phone, That I got my math solver again..].

Thanks to technology, That we could get contact with each other. When I will go to home in November, I will definately meet him.

I am not sure, How he looks now, But I can still visuallise his childish face. So many things happened, in 15 years.

Hey Mritunjaya, I am missing you a lot and want to meet you as soon as possible. Today I want to celebrate. There was some good official announcements too today. So Its a really good day today.

Monday, October 1, 2007

To be a better tester

I felt, To be a better tester, One should have these soft skills [List is minimal and I will add later] and this is completely my ideas and other may or may not agree..

1. Accountability
2. Responsibility
3. Communication Skills
4. Confidentiality
5. Dareness to say unpleasent things.
6. Hard worker
7. Should not get irritated with same repeated work.
8. Respect every one but never be like "yes sir" attitude even if other person is wrong, whoever the other person may be.
9. Passionate about learning new technology
10. Flexible enough in work assigned, Time to work and team to work with.

Lastly, I felt from todays monday musings, that If you are getting criticised, you feel you are progressing.