Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I talked to one of my best friend after 15 years

I am very very happy today as Mritunjaya called me. When There was Birthday Celebration Happening, He was calling me and I was cancelling the call for 5 times. Then I recieved the call, But could not hear properly who was that, So I told him that, I am in a meeting, And will call him later.

I can feel, what mritunjaya might think..I am calling to Ashish After 15 years !!!! And He is unable to talk to me. Then I called him on his mobile. As soon he told, I am mritunjaya, I was extremely happy. In the last 15 years, I had tried several times to find his contacts, But could not get. After a good effort He could get my contact number and I was .. No words..

Let the world know, That he was the only person during my school days, with whom I was so much attached. In every wrong or right, He used to be with me. For some home works, I used to solve maths for him [He told on phone, That I got my math solver again..].

Thanks to technology, That we could get contact with each other. When I will go to home in November, I will definately meet him.

I am not sure, How he looks now, But I can still visuallise his childish face. So many things happened, in 15 years.

Hey Mritunjaya, I am missing you a lot and want to meet you as soon as possible. Today I want to celebrate. There was some good official announcements too today. So Its a really good day today.

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