Thursday, December 3, 2009

Testing job is inferior and less innovative compared to Development job? Huh ..

This blog post is inspired by (With few addition by me) this post.. Thanks to the author ..

Somebody Said, QA/testing job is less innovative and inferior, they get less Salary (Mostly wrong statement) and they can't code (Well, they can but they won't)..

I believe QA engineer should be able to code, But may not code ..

Lets see what Development engineer innovates while He Codes .. U see Business Analysts Says "What is Business requirement for customer", Product manager says "What all features will be developed" and Architects Says "How to modularize the product development".. and once Dev Engr knows, what specific has to be done (Like Validate the username/pwd taken from login page), he translates his modules functional description written in English language to another language say C/C++/Java ..

So I don't think there is much scope of innovation to Dev Engr as well .. One may say, Dev Engr has more chances to become Architect, Similarly testers have more chance to become Business Analyst and Consultant, As they have Bird's Eye View and Domain understanding and more closeness to Customers..

You Testers (Including me), Beware, You Must and Must understand Technical things (Architecture of the product, Module flow diagram, Languages used, Debugging skills, Middleware and backend understanding) and at least one General purpose language and one Scripting language, and the best bet would be C++ and Perl .. Also, Good understanding of Internals of RDBMS is required... Become the Domain expertise .. and Learn Testing Tools and Automation ..

I believe, whatever I said above is not very difficult to achieve.. We can do it, If we focus ... But, If you want to just learn Record/Play Tools, which any 10th Pass student can do, Forget about Job security and Bright career in Testing .. Life is gonna be tough .. In Past few years, many Testing jobs is moved to India (Main reason being Low Cost labor) and If we do not focus, Jobs may move to Nepal, Bhutaan, Srilanka, China, South Africa etc.. (For the Same reason, of curse)

One May Ask, Developer can only test, He knows, In and out of the product, so he can better Test..So Why testers are required..? Well, Ask to IT industry experts and they will say u something like "Separation of Duties" and "Conflict of Interest" .. Its like, if A Doctor has Medical shop also, he will/may prescribe only those medicine, which He has in his medical store right now, Even when there may be better medicine for the same Disease.. Or If an enterprise makes the Financial Auditor and Accountant the same person (See what happens..)

I was always topper in my Engineering College (BE/2005/ECE), I had received 2nd Prize in C++ South India Competition conducted by NIIT and had designed Mail-Client/Server in just a week using java servlet, JSP, Oracle, and J2EE as part of NIIT Course for J2EE after I finished B.E. Initially, Even I wanted to become Dev. Engr, But, I am here since 4.1 Yrs.. Its like, No profession is Bad, and every profession has some Pros and Cons .. Lets highlight Positive things and Be Happy ..

I am quite happy now with my career...

No Offense to anyone.. I just felt, Lots of negative talk about Testing is floating around, and why not encourage Testers.. Happy testing .. :)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Completed 3 years at Novell on 29/11/2009

Today I completed 3 years service at Novell.. Let me share you my first day at Novell.. It was very funny actually ..

Before Novell, I was working with Afila for 1.1 Yr, which was a service company, and we used to wear mostly formal dress. There was no rule as such except on wednesday, we had to come to office in formals only with full sleeve shirt, Formal Pants, Formal shoes..

On First day, to get good impression or whatever.. I went to Novell in Suit/Tie/Formal wear, and I was amazed to see, nobody in the office was in formals.. almost everybody was in Jeans/T-shirt. Well, I had to fill several forms and it took around two hours for that .. Later, I was introduced with my team.. and one colleague couldn't control to say to take off my suit/tie. It was very funny for others.. not for me though..

There were some other funny incident on the same day, which my team and myself can never forget .. But I am not gonna share those for now.. :)

In last three years, Novell has given me a lot.. Lots of happiness, job satisfaction, many friends and lots of weight (Kidding..) But I can say that, I have not returned Novell that much. I owe a lot to Novell snd I promise myself to work even smarter, and do my work more effectively, and contribute towards Novell's success..

Thanks Novell ..

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Going Home

I am writing this blog while waiting for my Flight for Kolkata. I will reach kolkata by 12PM. There is free internet provided at BIAL. Once you get WiFi connected, You open any browser, You will be greeted by BIAL. It needs password to connect. To get password you need to send one SMS to 56767 and yoy get Password. After entering Password session is started. There is 1 hr free session. Speed was upto 12 MBps (Windows Task manager information)

I will be back to Bangalore on 2nd November ..

Happy Deewali

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Most Important Learning In Software Testing

"Customer Focus" .. Yes the answer is Customer Focus .. Everything else come after that.. You see as a tester, You have the responsibility to make sure, Once the product goes to customer, He is able to get his business done.

Let me give one example.. You are testing a VOIP software for a call center. it generic software which can be customized by Call center company based on their usage.

You have to think from Customer point of view..

1. Direct customers: Like Airtel CIO, IT Heads of Call center companies. He will talk about Reliability, Scalability, Support etc..
2. Indirect customers: Call center executives, Who will operate this software.. You must know, Their IT skills will not be as equal as IT Head, Or Yourself.For them its the features .. How quickly he can get the caller information.. ?
3. Customer's customer: Callers.. General public .. What they would need is quick resolution of problems, Voice Clarity etc ..

You as a tester should wear different customer Hat and question to software like that .. Are you reliable .. Can I measure your reliability?

You might be knowing that, 20% of Features of a product gets used 80% of the time.. So Identify those functions.. and test them thoroughly..

You should participate in Customer Beta Feedback, Forums etc.. To understand Customer's issue and try to have testing for them ..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Journey through Multi Level Marketing (MLM) ..

I would like to share my views on Multi-Level-Marketing Or Networking Business Or eCommerce Business(?) ..

I had heard about AmWay some 12 years ago..Some of My Villager had joined AmWay and was trying to influence/convince others to join in this business.. Most of the People used to say, its not good .. In this business, You need to Plead to others .. you need to Lie .. etc.. etc .. I was student ...had no Money and never thought to join..

Later, When I joined Engineering in 2001, I heard a lot about Conlif Pvt. Ltd (Headquartered in Kolkata) through my friend. He wanted me to join the business. Again, I was student, and I didn't join .. the strategy for this business was that, the New Joiner has to pay 2500 Rs. and can choose one Product (TV, Fridge, Oven, Washing Machine etc.. Manufactured by unbranded companies) and get the product after you add few members in your leg(?) as you might have earned money by that time.. In this business, One of my friend could earn few Lacs Rupees .. Yes I saw that from my Eyes .. He had some 3000+ Members under Him in the Business .. I was later thinking I did mistake by not joining the business..

Later, When I got the job, and after few Calls by UXL Pvt. Ltd. (Kerla Based, But Branch in CMH Road, Bangalore), I thought to attend the Session (?) by few High Ranked (?) Person .. And Person@UXL was able to brainwash (+ I got Greedy) and I joined this business .. let me say what was my State of mind, when I had joined this business .. I thought ..

1. Its just 3000 Rs., and I am getting a Juicer, Mixer, Grinder (I was erroneously thinking that price of this must be in this range only) ..lets grab this..
2. I am quite friendly guy ..and I have 100+ friends in Bangalore itself, and my friends will join this Happily.
3. I will get an account in UXl site, and I can sell the product (Even if some body is not joining the business)
4. I was thinking, I can go to any group of people and start lecturing about the same benefits which was told to me and Its quite logical that people will join this..
5. I don't see any Cheating in this ..whatever the business needs and does is transparent and Hence I am not going to cheat People.
6. I know, I will not be able to work as Hard as others in this company, but In any means I will be able to earn few thousands a month .. just like that ..
7. What will I do anyhow on weekends .. Lets enjoy this.. I will get to know many people in this business ..
8. Even If I do not get a Rupee out of this, Its just 3000 Rs, and I have got a Mixer as well, So I am not gonna waste much of the money so the Risk is less but gain is very very huge (As in the first session, It was asked repeatedly to me to write down my dreams ..and I had written I want to have BMW in 5 years, and They had ready examples who had achieved that..some Gold/Diamond winner ..)
9. I saw other people from all walks of life joining in this business..

.. And Many more ..That I am unable to recall now.. I was very much excited about this .. I started this Idea sharing with my close friends . They politely refused to join this business ..and then I started talking about this in my company my teammates ..and They started making my joke .. and Later, I was talking about this to common public in the Bus sitting next to me, Chai-Coffee walas, Other people in my area .. But no body was interested.. Few seniors (@ UXl suggested, not to talk to prospective clients directly, rather influence/convince them to join the Session by Seniors and They have the capability to Brainwash .. I did this also .. But All in vain .. I had given My friends/colleague's contact number to that Girl who had called me for first time .. She was quite good on talking .. And She was able to get few of my friends to Session but nobody joined the business .. In One Month, I was feeling like, I did mistake.. This is not for me at least .. People started Hating me..They thought, I am a greedy person.. People said.."You had never called me since 1 year but now you are calling for this business .. Huh .. Go To ...." And It was all over .. I decided to stop working for this .. And that's it .. Some counter view (by UXL colleagues) why I failed in this business
1. I attached business with emotion.
2. I could not lie properly.
3. I could not influence others.
4. I didn't work hard, I was not attending meetings regularly ..
5. I was not following the process of not saying anything directly to Customers.
6. I didn't understand the business properly.
7. I could not make new relationships (And later play around with that !!) Blah..Blah..

.. But I was happy by not thinking about that any more ....

Later in 2006, One of my close friend, was again able to convince me emotionally to invest 1500 in RCM MLM business, here I would get some RCM Cloths and same Left-Right mechanism .. What my friend said that, He has to get a leg anyhow by this date .. I offered him the money directly, But He said, I should Influence people in Bangalore to join this .. I clearly denied this.. I said at the max what I can do is, I will send you money, and You do the business in My name .. and I don't want a single rupee out of that ..But I don't want to hear about RCM again .. and hence I was part of RCM ..My Friend had given my Bangalore address in the Form, and Hence I had received few Posts about this Business .. I didn't even talk to any of my friends about this ..

In 2008, few people tried to convince me to join Quest International MLM business, where lots of Software Guys were joining.. It required 30000 Rs to invest initially and I would get one Limited Edition Gold Coin whose value will become huge after few years ..I should make Left-Right etc etc ..and there was potential to earn upto 7 Lacs a month (Was this a weak? I forgot).. This Company had international Presence (HQ: Malaysia?)(and This is banned in Few Countries e.g SriLanka) and lots of High-End (Like IAS officers, Doctors, Engineers) People were Part of this business already .. I had seen few close people to earn upto Crore Rs. with this business in 2 Years .. But I refused to even come for a session ..

Later in 2009, One fine evening, somebody called me (I don't want to take his name, As He is a good Person, and Just trying Hard to get more money for his family) and said, I saw your profile in Networking site (Like LinkedIn) and would like to know, If I am interested in a good Part time job on weekends..There is a eCommerce project coming up in India..First time in India .. People have not understood this technology (?) yet in India .. there is an International Seminar on this project in Chennai on next week, and We are looking for somebody capable to represent that seminar for our behalf .. Also, In my team IITians and IIMians are there.. I asked him, See I am not in Software Development..And Also, I am not looking for any monetary benefit to start with.. rather, I want to socialize with these High-Class People and understand the new technology .. Also, I will come to venue and You may later decide, Whether I am eligible for that .. This Person didn't say anything .. He said..We will be pleased to have you in venue ..somewhere in Koromangala ..
I went to the venue..It was some body's two BHK house with a small White board in the hall .. After few minute, I could feel whats going to happen here (I was thinking People from IIT and IIM will surely offer some Tea/Snacks [as I am coming by driving 15 KM] as soon as I Reach there ..But only water was offered in a Bottle) .. later somebody from IIM Ahmedabad started the explanation of so called eCommerce business .. He said

1. You purchase something in 100 Rs, which is getting manufactured in only 30 Rs, Rest 70 Rs is the distribution/advertisement cost. Why not get the same thing in 30 Rs by Direct Marketing.. [I objected, is it same thing .. Can You give me Colgate paste with MRP 100Rs in 30 Rs, If I join this business .. He said No..this all depends upon Marketing .. You see people Sell Maaza .. There is mostly water with very less fruit concentrate, and We pay for the transportation of water.. but Our Company gives the same (Sorry Similar) thing in concentrate form .. Initially only I asked, Please let me know, If you are finally going to say this is Multi-Level-Marketing, If Yes, I would like to leave now, as I have no time for that, This Gentleman Said, 'Neither Me!! So Please Listen for few minutes and I will answer all your queries"

2. Then He started with, Why do you need to add other fellows in this business (Once I objected saying I don't want want to involve my friends, He said, If you are opening a company, to whom you wall make VP-Sales, VP-Marketing, VP-HR ..Friends/Family only right ..? I said..The VP-sales is an Employee, here you are saying to Hire a customer ..and Hence you can't compare "Making your Friend as VP-Sales in your business" To "Making partner/customer in this business, where I, myself is a customer"). During Some conversation This gentleman said, I did MBA from IIM not you..I understand Business More than you and I am earning a lot out of this business ..I Calmed down .. Also, He said, If You think like this You can never become entrepreneur with this attitude ..(Well, This Future will tell :) )

3. There were other things like, With this business, You get other branded products like Shirts etc..with 50% Discount (I was amazed why John Player [Or something Similar to this Brand] will give 50% Discount to This Customer ..and also, If somebody purchases this shirt, everybody else in the Organization will get a commission .. I was already angry/sad to myself for wasting my time.. I wanted to leave ASAP..So I didn't ask this question .. )

Even after saying straight that, I do not see any rational behind this type of business, People were explaining me about 1100 Crore rupees of Yearly turn Over in India Alone.. Operation in 100+ countries .. etc etc .. I asked, is this company listed in NASDAQ? No..There is no debt on this company .. Its not owned by somebody .. Its company of all ..

Again there was comparison with traditional business model, Franchisee business like McDonald, and Direct Sales marketing .. I could get a sense of correctness in the word of the person who had called me .. Like, In traditional business also, Customer talk so rashly to Vendors, and vendors needs to be in receiving end .. Its same here .. In Traditional business also, You are not forcing customers (In fact you can't), here also same .. In Traditional business, You need to have good contact and Huge money to start with, But, here its not required.. And He said Regarding the Emotions that, Relations will break.. Its not correct ..

Well, I must admit, This person was very cool, Intelligent, Had good position in reputed Software company and Was not talking nonsense .. What ever I asked, He was trying to answer.. But Finally My Fear to lose Relationship and Dignity (I don't know, If I am right, But this is my perspective) won over..and I refused to join this company ..and You guessed right ..This company was AmWay ..

I asked, why did you lie to me Y'day about So called Technology Product, He admitted, Otherwise, I might not have come for the Session (Remember this word?)

Also, I apologized for the Heated questions asked during Presentation and Said I can't join this for now .. But He gave me one CD to see that, how This business changed Life of an IIT Engineer who was thinking same as me and Now Has everything He once dreamed of..

In my humble opinion, There is no problem in this type of business, Only If, people don't Lie and Show/Proof transparently how the profit is made by Company and Investor (Customer).. Answer all the Questions on Grey areas publicly. Make good product .. and Sell it without much of advertisement and Directly to Users .. Make this Left-Right thing bit flexible .. and Create positive awareness about this business in Press/Media/Advertisement.

I neither recommend to join or refuse to join any of the MLM business. I just wanted to share my thoughts on this.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Testing LDAP Directory Server

Testing of LDAP Server is no different than any other Software Application (Did I say, OS is an application Software .. Oops ..). Functionality Testing must be done as per the standards and the design requirements. Non-Functionality Testing Must be done based on Customer (Direct/Indirect) Usage pattern.

For Ldap servers, the standards are written in RFC 2251-2256 (For Details Link1 Link2)

To test the functionality, there are several tools available like QTP, STAF, C/JAVA LDAP SDK, Perl/Python/Ruby Modules for LDAP etc ..

One should write LDAP Enabled application for testing the functionality As the Available tools may not cater to all the needs of a specific Ldap server. It is quite possible that your LDAP server has some features which are not documented in RFCs and hence no tool vendor has testing for that feature .. Its always advisable to have Test Automation Suites Written for basic operations like connecting, Performing LDAP add, modify etc .. to Do Partition, To backup etc .. And Later Have scripted Test Case, which should call these Test-Automation-Framework-API (Which infact is the wrapper over C/JAVA LDAP SDK.). Again, Though, I have not developed any application using C till yet, But I have used DirectoryMark (C based) and SLAMD/DSRK (Java based), and I know, C based tool for testing is better and gives more accurate result from Server point of view. Its like Server could have done more processing but the client itself got bottlenecked due to JAVA VM issues)

For Non-functional testing, tools like SLAMD, DirectoryMark, LoadRunner, DSRK etc.. can be used.

While developing test case, There should at least be clear objective (What is the expected result, If you perform these steps?. How will your test result will look like..? Can we have the output result template please?) and Do you see any chance for getting a bug? and why do you think bug may arise out of this step? (Depending upon the objective, for example, If your objective is to get the performance number of Adding users, then, Adding a step to create a users and assign this to a group makes no sense, as this must have been verified by Functional testing)

Types Of Testing : Simplified approach

I am in testing since 4 years.. I hear lot many types of testing [1 2 3 4]. .smoke, sanity, usability, ad-hoc, reliability, scalability, regression, unit, component, system, performance, alpha, beta, security. monkey, white, black, Grey, installation, static, dynamic, compatibility, usecase, install, exploratory, documentation, interoperability, upgrade, migration, Acceptance, Volume, Integration, language, load, stress, blah blah .. Even after 4 years, I am not confident in saying whats the difference between load and stress testing or Why do we need so many types of testing. some times I felt, Its just to make the testing complex :)

Well, In my opinion ..No white, black, ..nothing .. Just two types of testing

1. Functional testing -- This should include all smoke, sanity, localization, installation, adhoc, security, monkey ..etc etc .. The objective of Functional testing should be to say that, with very minimum load on the software system, all the features as designed works fine. That's it ..

2. Non-Functional testing -- Reliability, scalability, performance etc .. etc.. This testing must be done when satisfactory functional testing is done and Passed. Again, I would like to divide this in just 2 parts (Last division .. so you have finally 3 types of testing)
2a. Capability Testing: This testing is meant to showcase the overall capability of the software system. Objective of this testing should be to say, This is the maximum load system can withstand, This is the increase in performance If you increase memory by 100% etc ..
2b. Sustainance Testing: This testing is meant to showcase to customers that, given your kind of load, There will not be any issue in running this software for 30 days in a row .. Or The users interface is very easy-to-use or This software will work within your environment along with other softwares/hardwares. that's it ..

You tell me one type of testing with brief Objective of the testing, and I can (Will try..) say you where it fits in above three types of testing ...

Note: I believe Testing is not just test case design and reporting (As you see the syllabus of all the testing certifications), and not just having soft skills like Trust, Confidence, Communication, Don't Get Personal Blah Blah.. Its very-much in-depth technical activity.. A real Tester should be having qualities (Though In small extent) of a strong Developer, A strong marketing guru, A good Customer support Person, A very good Business Analyst , A very good People Manager, A Very good IT head of non-IT organization (Our Direct customers ..right ?) and Lastly a very very Normal End user (As If He does not anything about internal of IT). IMHO Software Testing is not "anyone can do" type of job. Today I hear that, People who has no knowledge of Information Technology is willing (and able to) get a job as software tester by just mugging up few testing terms and passing Testing certifications.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

SUSE linux rocks

SuSE (Acronym: Software und System-Entwicklung) is my favorite Linux System. YaST2 package management feature in Novell SuSE is unmatched. To know More about SuSE Linux visit SuSE Linux and SuSE on Wiki

The Cool SuSE Geeko .. Now You can make your own stylish Geeko .. Vist

Monday, June 8, 2009

I have a dream .. Beggar Free World

This is one of my favorite song by ABBA .. I have a dream ..So whats my dream .. Is my life also going to be similar to millions "(Birth) Start -> Study -> Job -> Marriage -> Kids -> Their Study -> Their Marriage -> End (Good Bye)}" .. Whats wrong in that life .. Nothing .. But whats wrong in dreaming .Dreaming to go beyond that.. Apart from Normal responsibilities.. . Dream on .. Dream On .. Will try to do something about that .. If achieved ..Great .. If could not ..At least there will not be regret that, I didn't put even a cent for that ..

My Dream is to see Beggar Free World .. Simple .. Who is beggar? Why He begs in Streets .. What can be done ..

People Say .. They are lazy .. There is Gang who operates them .. There are many frauds/Cheats by beggars .. They are criminals at night .. They may be fit but, act as disabled .. Don't encourage them by giving money .. Blah Blah ..

There are NGOs for children, Old-Age, Disabled .. Do we have any NGO for Beggars .. I didn't find on Internet at least ..

What should be minimum Action Plan:
1. Identify how many beggars are there in Every District ..
2. Open one big House Say "Less privileged Home" having large capacity ..
3. Get all the beggars (Police and Civic bodies should make sure, No Beggar is left) in that place ..
4. There should be minimum food/Shelter/cloths arranged ..
5. Counsel/Discuss with each and every Person (They are no more beggars Once they enter this house) and See whats their problem? Do they not have Ability to work due to heath reasons .. Mental problem .. (We know there is scarcity of labours/4Th grade persons to work in Villages/Cities, Again work can be allotted based on skills))
6. Initial training for different work should be given .. and private jobs like working in Fields or Construction should be given ..
7. I request to all those Rich people, who spends millions of Rs for their every day expense to help this cause by spending bit less .. There is so many people in world(India), who does not have food (Even Thrown food by hotels) to eat in night, and so many people spend Lacs for one evening party .. I do not say, Do not spend .. But just a portion ..1% of that ..give to these organization ..

Well, should I start an NGO and contact to BBMP/State Govt in Karnataka to begin with .. I would love to .. But I am lazy/weak ..Yes that's reality .. I fear a lot .. I need some initial push/help from some established organization ..I don't know what should I do .? Where to start .. I do not have money .. Do not have big contacts.. I try to spread this message to as many as possible ..whenever I meet somebody .. In my blogs .. In my websites ..I know, its not enough.. I should do more .. I promise to myself, I will do something more ..

I am trying to contact few of Administration/Govt personel, who can help .. I will keep on trying .. My conscience is clear .. I do not want money out of this .. Where I work, I put my maximum effort and I am sure, I will not get any problem for my basic necessities (And I don't need more than that to live) .. But I want this biological life to be of some use..before it decays. (This opportunity I will not get again,.. I do not believe in Re-incarnation :) ). I don't want to die unnoticed .. I want to see world Happy..

Lets see .. what can I do .. a new Slogan from my side Other than "Spread Unconditional Love" .. "Beggar Free World" ..

Please support me for this cause ..What ever you can do least guide me.. encourage me..

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Install, Configure Drupal on Suse Linux Enterprise Server (SLES10) with Linux, Apache, Mysql and Php (LAMP)

Finally Drupal is working in a newly created SLES server. Steps I followed [From scratch to get fully functional website running Drupal with php, mysql, apache on linux]

1. Install Suse Linux Enterprise Server with LAMP (Select from package), apache2-mod_auth_mysql, php5_mysql, ph5-gd, php5-mbstring (Select by searching mysql, gd, mbstring) ; start /etc/init.d/apache2
2. /etc/init.d/mysql start; mysqladmin -u root password 'blogp' ; mysqladmin -h localhost -u root -pblogp create ashish; [Here blogp is password for user root]
3. Untar drupal inside /srv/www/drupal6.11; copy htdocs to htdocs_default and rename drupal6.11 to htdocs; So no change required in Apache.
4. cd /srv/www/htdocs/sites/default/; cp default.settings.php settings.php; chmod 777 settings.php; mkdir files; chmod 777 files/;
4. start /etc/init.d/apache2 and Open in browser /install.php
5. Provide databasename as ashish, user as root and password as blogp.
6. chmod 644 settings.php;
7. Continue Configuration of Drupal, Provide admin user name and password. (This can be different from that from mysql root user).
8. Open your website , click "administration section"; You will see "Cron has not run. Please visit the status report for more information." Click "status report" and You should not get any errors except Cron question mark; Click "run cron manually" and then refresh. Finished.

Note: This installation is for Local Intranet; Please Change permissions in sites/default directory; (I do not have much idea on that). Also To configure mysql, You may use and other user other than root.
I had got this error: "Your web server does not appear to support any common database types". This was due to php5_mysql was not installed.

Novell's Indentity and Access Management Solutions

1. Novell Identity Manager

2. Novell Access Manager

3. Novell SecureLogin

4. Novell Sentinel

5. Novell Storage Manager

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Top 100 websites viewed in India

Top 100 websites viewed in India


Top 100 Blogs

Visit "Top 100 Blogs"

Original Source:

Novell's position on Identity and Access Management

Novell's main offerings for IAM space include, Novell Identity Manager,Novell Access Manager, Novell Border Manager, Novell Secure Login, Sentinel, eDirectory.

Backend Directory server, Identity management with support of data syncronization to almost all major database/directory, Single Sign On by Secure Login, Auditing by Sentinel, Access Management by Access manager. Thus Novell has complete stack of IAM to offer to enterprise customer. The market growth is expected in this domain and Novell is in leading quadrant. (Source: Gartner's report).

Major competition to Novell is Microsoft (Active Directory Tightly integrated with Windows Servers)

Other Software Vendors in this space are IBM, SUN (now acquired by Oracle), Oracle, CA, RedHat.

Novell needs to make sure that, quality of product is unmatchable, and Novell needs to provide end to end solution either by own offerings or Eco-system created along with Partners.

What is Identity and Access Management (Also Called Identity and Security Management)

Putting my thought in completely original way.

I work for a reputed Product Development Company. In My Village, Bhatotar, District Purnia, Bihar, I have an Identity. Many People haven’t seen me, But they know my identity ---

in IAM terms, They know my DN: cn=Ashish Kumar,OU=Bhatotar,OU=Purnia,OU=Bihar,C=in
with Following attributes
DN: cn=Ashish Kumar,OU=Bhatotar,OU=Purnia,OU=Bihar,C=in
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Qualification: B.E
University: VTU Belgaum
FatherName: cn=Dr. S C Jha,OU=Bhatotar,OU=Purnia,OU=Bihar,C=in

Here Age, Sex etc are normal attribute, and FatherName is a reference attribute. Again Father will have similar attributes. So here comes the hierarchy.

Again, On Some of the attributes of cn=Ashish Kumar, A group Named FamilynFriends (This Group Was created by GOD with initially having Family members only, but later, Ashish Kumar Added some more Users to this group) will have different rights than the public. Any Public can just read my salary (For Example) but will not have access to that, and they can't modify (Increase or Decrease) that.

Similarly, I have a Bike, Which has a unique Identity in the world.
Dn: cn=KA 01-9971,ou=RTO-1,ou=bangalore,ou=karnataka,c=In
owner: cn=Ashish Kumar,OU=Bhatotar,OU=Purnia,OU=Bihar,C=in
Model: Bajaj Pulser
CC: 150
Colour: Black
[ACL]: [All Rights][cn=Ashish Kumar]

So, every living/nonliving thing is an identity, what I mean is nothing fancy, But It has name, some properties and relationship to some other things. The things can be Human, Bikes, Village, Nation, Mountains, Computers, Software, patches, Companies. Every thing has an Identity and Has Some Attributes and Have some Relation to other Identity.

Some Identities (Say person) owns some things (Say Bike), and has rights to that, It means there are system (Police/RTO) who will not allow others to use My Bike. So there is a management system (Local Administrator is Police, But Main LDAP Server Runs in Heaven and GOD is the Directory Administrator, And Has ultimate rights over any identity, He can Add/Modify/Delete/Search any Identity anytime)

So world is an organization, and we all are employees of that. We work for our family and friends here 24/7. Our Identities are secured. God Has Delegated Few Rights to Others on Some other Identities.

To Summarize, In Any Organization (Private or Govt), There has to be Identities and A hierarchy to manage them. There will be security policy and Access rights assigned to some Identity over other identity. Put all together, in software, which will provide an easy interface to manage these all, is Identity and Security management Software.

Software Testing :- Ashish Kumar Jha

Software testing is a challenging field in Information Technology industry, And the only purpose of "Software Testing" is to Check that the product shipping out is good to go and Customers (Or Customer's Customer) will not find any problem in using that.

The "Software Development’s" Purpose is also same, but they concentrate on providing the functionality.

Everything is the End Customer. If there is no user of software, there won't be Development, And If there is no development then there is no testing.

I believe, Testing is a constructive professional. It’s like a tough (From outside and Emotional at Heart) father for the software product as His Baby, And Father has to scold sometimes or wrong doings, May be sometime punish the child, So that next time He should not repeat the same. Also When the Child will grow; He should be able to face the world with dignity. So Scolding and Punishing should not be treated as Destructive or Rude. It’s for Child's Bright future.

And Lastly, Did you tell, Software Testing is Easier than "Development”? I firmly believe, both are equally important. In any type of testing, (Let it be the GUI testing of a banking application or Enterprise ERP application or Operating System), One can do different things. He can think of any idea to test the product BUT, The intention of Testing should not be just finding bugs, Rather it should be from customer focused. What I mean is, suppose a website gives the functionality of changing the password to user, So If you test this feature by Creating a winrunner script from 1000 clients simultaneously for the same user, the system will probably crash. But that will never happen in Real time.

I respect all the profession, be it labor or a taxi driver or an IAS officer.

Some More Definitions from Website
Note: I have given the link of actual Post. Thanks to the Author of below links.

By Wiki
Software testing is the process used to assess the
quality of computer software. Software testing is an empirical technical investigation conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of the product or service under test[1] , with respect to the context in which it is intended to operate. This includes, but is not limited to, the process of executing a program or application with the intent of finding software bugs. Quality is not an absolute; it is value to some person. With that in mind, testing can never completely establish the correctness of arbitrary computer software; testing furnishes a criticism or comparison that compares the state and behavior of the product against a specification. An important point is that software testing should be distinguished from the separate discipline of Software Quality Assurance (S.Q.A.), which encompasses all business process areas, not just testing

· an activity being part of the software development process aimed at evaluating a software item (system, subsystem, unit etc. ...

· The process of devising a set of inputs to a given piece of software that will cause the software to exercise some portion of its code. The developer of the software can then check that the results produced by the software are in accord with his or her expectations.

· Software Testing is the process used to help identify the correctness, completeness, security, and quality of developed computer software. ... testing

Software testing is performed to verify that the completed software package functions according to the expectations defined by the requirements/specifications. The overall objective to not to find every software bug that exists, but to uncover situations that could negatively impact the customer, usability, and/or maintainability.

Information Technology Views by Ashish Kumar Jha

"Information technology (IT), as defined by the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA), is "the study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems, particularly software applications and computer hardware."[1] IT deals with the use of electronic computers and computer software to convert, store, protect, process, transmit, and securely retrieve information." -- Source Wikipedia

Technology to process and communicate information .. information about goods, people, machine, location, photos, music ..lots lots type of information .. Process it and communicate it .. Its like a Black box for Non-IT person .. and that is how it should be.. (Our Jobs will be safe :) )

People like Kishore Biyani (Owner of future group, Big Bazaar) had the vision to sell goods at low price in a decent Mall-way .. He might not have any idea on which Operating system his Data server runs ..and what is the hardware configuration in his data center .. what front end is used to build BigBazaar web portal ..

All he has is an input requirement (Name of goods, Prices, Name of people, Their salary data, His office locations, His and His employees mails, Online sales portal details, Bank transactions etc ..) and He wants this to be processed by a black box called "Information Technology" and the output should be properly managed data in clear usable front end .. This formula is true for any other industry say Health care, Aviation, Government, Media, Banks, They all need IT as an API (Application Programmable Interface) so that they can call those APIs in their actual application (Not the software application but the business process application).

But there is a whole new world out there inside IT. there is Hardwares like Desktop, Laptop, Servers, Mobiles, PDAs, Routers, Network cable etc .. and there are software .like Operating system .. Application servers .. Web server .. Office suite .. Games .. Mobile softwares ..

Lets start with Hardware.. There are Hardware assembling vendors like IBM, HP, Dell which gets different parts from other vendors ..Processor from Intel/AMD.. Hard Disk from Seagate/Wetern Digital/Gigabyte .. RAM from Kingston Motherboard from Asus/Intel . Box from Asus etc ..
These processor vendors how they make Processors .. They get FPGA/CPLD/ASIC chips from Semiconductor vendors like Xilinx.. How these semiconductor vendor makes these chips and verifies that it works fine .. They use VHDL/VLSI/verilog simulator, Programmer, Tester tools like Modelsim..etc .. Then there are Embedded systems vendors .. Which makes small chips like RAM, NIC card.. Other Programmable chips, Timers, controllers ..

And how does these VHDL/Verilog code works when placed in FPGA chips. is there a magic..If Assembly language MOV A,20 (some 000111111100011110101111) said to it, It stores variable 20 in General purpose register .. and where is this register .. How can something gets stored (? magic or what) does that have mind.. There are flip-flops .and there are OR/AND/NOT gates .. Logical gates .. In essence which makes Mathematical instructions working ..and how this OR/AND gate works .. with signal . Digital signal ..010101 .. Off-On Off-On .. The clock .. If this clock stops .. Whole IT world is gone .. everything works around this clock .. (This is similar to Heart considering human as IT system..which keeps tick-tock-tick-tock every time.. Though one difference is there between a System and Human is, If System breaks down, that can be repaired but Human body ... ) Aha .and how come this tick tock happens tirelessly without stopping for years .. Whats that ..Its quartz crystal .. The valance electrons (? Now this is getting very very low and confusing ...) are moving and with a slight energy given to this electron, it changes its orbit ..

Similarly, How does I connect a RJ45 cable to this small NIC card (and with wireless, Bluetooth, Infrared, RF, Satelites, Even a cable is not required) and my friend gets the mail .. What is that connects between My computer in GM Palya, Bangalore to my friends Laptop in Andheri, Mumbai.. and it takes seconds to reach there.. Wow !! How does this happen .. everything goes over wire ..and what is there inside wire .. the current -- yes the analog current .. i.e flow of electrons .. What exactly (very very briefly), My mail client formed a SMTP packet with the mail content typed by me, along with my friends email address ( and sent to the TCP layer ( a program in the OS) and here my TCP added the port number 25 for remote server, and some port local to have syn/Ack/Syn-ACK with My Mail server.. Puts these info into the packet ..and send to Network layer program implementation, which adds the IP address of Remote and local machines .. and send to Physical layer where .. Some checksum parity bits, MAC addresses etc were put in a big packet and then splitted into small packets and give to NIC card.. NIC card converts this Digital information to Analog signal using DAC .. This packet reaches to Airtel (My Internet service provider) and there he knows where to go from there ..ya Some router will use some algorithm (Protocol ..right ) RIP/OSPF/BGP to decide upon the route .. at my Mail servers Firewall, It will be checked for Viruses .. Strip down packet ..Send to Physical layer ..Network, TCP, SMTP and there it gets some processing and then goes back to My Friends mail server .. and after a refresh in my friends browser his Browser connects again to his mail server and find new mail in the server and fetches them .. As this is just a draft copy .. I have messed up so many things above .I have missed so many things ..(I need to learn end-to-end so that I have strings attached from my machine's mail to My friend's Machine and every logical question should have an answer).

More Info on email
Some More
Even More
Want More?

So many things happen just to send a email .. What does Kishore Biyani will know about all these .. Kishore Sir, No need for you to know ..we are here no.. We will keep on learning, doing research on these to make it more easier for u to check ur mails and send Notes to ur employees .. U don't worry .. We are here to serve you ..

Many Many things ..Database .. Authentication, Authorization . Directory .. Productivity softwares, WinZip.. FTP/NFS.. Time servers .. Windows ..Linux .. Sparc .. Intel .. Z-series .. Development .. testing .. Management .. support .. Java .Net .. Oracle ..MS SQL .. JSP ..Telecom ..web application .n-tier .. Security .. People/Machines management . UI .. So many things are involved in IT .. I will keep on posting on this topic/thread.

We IT guys Rock . :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Time difference between life and death

Disclaimer: Completely my personal views.. And It may not be true .. So no offence and no liabilities to me.. :)

I stopped my breath .. I could stop my breath only for 22 seconds ... If somebody does lots of Yoga and Other breath exercises, He can do this for 3-5 Minutes .. If somebody forcibly stop ur breath for 1 Minute (For Normal person).. Its all gone.. Then what will happen to all ur ambition.. All ur properties .. All ur Bank balance.. To ur friends .. To ur family .. U can't talk .. U can't think after that .. U can't learn new things .. U can't Feel proud of being better than somebody else .. Nobody/Nothing will go with you..

U r driving bike .. sometimes speed more than 90KM/Hr..And suddenly one dog comes .. or something slippery comes .. and u could not control .. Gone within 2 minutes .. And once the Generator (Heart which is like a generator of DC current who serves the 5V power supply to all the other Hardware mainly Brain-CPU..) is switched off.. Nothing can be done to get u back and who cares after that ..

Ok..Enough negative and scary thoughts .. Even if u die normal death .. After effects are same .. Only difference would be, It will not be like a twist in the so many's life's film .. Colleagues will say .. Oh My God .. He is no more.. So sad .. and could not even stop to have lunch just after few hours of this news .. Close friends may go to ur home (If their work schedule is not very tight or ur home is not very far ..) to condole ur family .. Family members ..very near ones only will not be able to take food for few days.. but somewhat far family members like uncles .. cousin will start having food .. and even have parties if planned .. Nothing is gonna stop in their life . But ur family will get really disturbed for quite long time .. Yes .. This is not to blame Somewhat far family or even closer friends, But its reality .. Even something happens to my close friend what will I do..?

That's life .. And there are so many uncertainty .. When I went home to attend my brother's marriage, I came to know, My Brother's friend Ak, was killed in an accident few days before.. He (Ak) may/may not be responsible for that .. But Marriage involves so many people/Parties and could not be avoided .. (Or the willingness to avoid this immediate marriage was not there in us).. Ak was married few years before and had a Kid.. God Knows what will happen to them ..

Happiness .. We all are in search of happiness .. What does that mean to people ..

Some may want to have good party like alcohol ..and other things ..
Some want to earn lots lots of money
Some want to get power .. Power such that others get fear of him..
Some like to have good food ..good home ..
Some want to have good branded clothes that he goes to party other people see and say .. wow what a dress u have ..
Some wants to go to USA.Singapore .. enjoy ..

And If they get these they feel happy for a moment and then becomes sad again to get another bigger things .. Is this Bad ..? No .. But dependency on something is Bad ..
Being content in life is boring .. same old thing every day .Huh . Fine take risks .. Go new heights .. get more power .. Money .. But at the end of the day .. Don't forget .. Ur life is very short . and after that nothing matters ..

Why so much of tension.. Jelousy .. Fear of losing job .... Just work hard .. do ur duty .. help others .. keep learning .. Have good food .. Make others happy .. say good jokes .. Learn music .. Motivate others for good things . Have long plans .. Have faith in yourself .. Take Positive risks .. Don't be proud of what u r now .. Don't treat Rich and poor differently .. Don't behave rudely with Economically backward people .. That's it .. Just think Whatever/Whoever u r .. It takes a minute to be nothing ..

Dream big .. Dream big .. Work very very hard .. Party very very very very hard .. (Party should be like with friends family .. good food .. Positive cinemas .. Outing to god locations .. Music .. Dance . That's it .. )

Note: In this post, I am talking to myself .. here You me means my innerself . You the real you .. may not have same feelings .. and that may be equaly good or better .. U may share what u think life is, why do we live? ..for what ..What's happiness for you .. The real you .. Bye Ashish ..

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Can an enterprise survive without using Properietry softwares?

Can a large company (Say, a Chain of hotels) survive without using Proprietary softwares? Use Only Free Softwares?
As a Techie, I see the world of companies as of only two types:-

Type1: Makers:- Companies who makes products related to technology (Like hardwares, OS, Compilers, Applications, ERP/CRM) like Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Infosys
Type2:Users: Companies which does not know (Do not want to know), How a software works, rather it should have a nice front-end (I mean user friendly) and It should be reliable, If low cost then better. like ICICI bank, Appolo hospitals, Cafe coffee day, Arcelor Mittal.

I have some rough idea that, for a Type1 company, Moving completely out of Properietry softwares (Windows/Mac, and applications developed for these platforms) is possible though bit difficult. We have OS/Compilers/IDEs/testTools/Productivity softwares which are free and open source. I want to discuss, What we can't get in Open/Free softwares? What is that keeps us not going for these softwares? What all problems Type1 company can face If they want to move out of Properietry software?

For Type2 companies, its still a long time to get Free/Open source as It takes lot of technical effort to get Open source integrated and customized for their requirements.. Comments Please..?

Oracle buys Sun

Oracle buys Sun

What are the implications of this?

What will happen to MySql as Oracle is king in database market..(Oracle 11g)

What will happen to Netbeans .. Oracle mainly supports Eclipse....

Is Oracle heading to have direct competition with Microsoft In Operating System having OpenSolaris (On Intel Hardware)/Solaris (on Sparc Hardware).? Is Oracle thinking to buy RedHat?

Oracle can Focus on proprietary OS (Solaris) and compete with MS or Initially go with OpenSolaris and give threat to Linux server vendors.

Both Oracle and Sun has IAM (Identity and Access Management Suite of products). What will happen to those..
Time will tell Everything ?

Started going for music classes: Ashish Kumar Jha

Last week I joined Music Class near KR Puram. Here I will learn Key-board. I have attended 2 classes till yet. Started with 123-12345 (SaReGaMa - western style) with one hand and then both hands, still there is problem in boths hands synchronization. Started with Music notations.

I had thought to do some surfing to get more details on Music Notations, Could not get time (or Laziness?).

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mumbai Trip 27-30 March 2009

I left Bangalore on 26th March, by Udyaan express. I met with one of my colleague in the train and his four friends. We shared jokes and played Cards. 20 Hours journey till Pune was passed happily.

My Mobile's battery was discharged, and it was not getting charged by 110V power supply in train. Most of the sockets were not working or always busy. I thought, I may have to purchase a new mobile as soon as I reach Mumbai. Problem was, I was not having my friends number written other than in mobile, and Mobile was not getting switched On. Somehow, after charging 10 Mins, Mobile got ON and I wrote My friend number in paper.

I reached My friends room at 9PM. Next day, we wnet to several places in Mumbai and Met few more friends and next days and I caught Return train, Trivendram exp on Monday 30th march. Reached Bangalore by 12.30 on 31st. Could not go to office.

It was great time there in Mumbai.

Photos and videos can be watched :

Created My website

I created

I got the DNS name from

And then I hosted this to In Freehostia, I used joomla to build my website.

I will write detailed step to get a website up and running in ur name and with ur content in professional look by spending just 400 Rs. This will be for one year.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

VEC ECE 2005 passout meet @ Lalbagh: A successful Event

There were totally 100 Students in our batch @ Vijayanagar Engineering College, Bellary in Electronics And Communication Engineering batch. Out of 100, around 40 are here in Bangalore. Few of our batch mate got married, Few were out of station, and Few are abroad. Considering all that, 14 Friends are a good number. Though I was expecting 20+ Friends, But .. No issues .. It was good start after 4 Years almost..

I reached Lalbagh @ 2.45 PM. Friends started coming, And It became 14 by 4PM. We all sat in lawn near to Glass House.. Started with some snacks and cold drinks ..

Then there was, Introduction .. Mainly to tell about what happened after they came out of college .. Then there was tea..Kaju ..Some fun .. Remembering those golden days .. We Remembered our other friends who could not make it to the event .. We recalled all good and bad days @ VEC.. Our lecturers .. Canteen ..Hostel.. VTU youth Fest ..

See the pics of this event here.

Then there was some time spent for telling some good/bad/funny moments in college ... And then there was photo session ..

Then, we left, with promise, that next time we will meet in more strength ..

Later I went to Muthu's House, and then there was sudden plan to go to Khao gali (Near BV puram). We had Obbittu (Sweet item), Akki Roti, Masala Dosa and Masala cold drink. And back to room by 9PM.

Friedns who joined are:
1. Ashish Kumar (@ Novell)
2. Manju Hubli (@ EMC2)
3. Goni Basappa (@ HAL)
4. Guru (@ Accesnture)
5. Rakesh (@ Cisco)
6. Ravindra Raju (@ Dell)
7. Yalesh (@ HCL)
8. Raja Bakhshi Bali (Infosys)
9. Harsha (@ Sonata)
10. Krishna (Sorry. I forgot.. Will update soon, He did OCP working on Oracle)
11. Suma (@ Oracle)
12. Santosh (Did M.Tech from NIE mysore recently)
13. Mruthunjaya (@ Dell)
14. Dinakar (@ Axiom)

Next time, I hope the list will be bigger. Friends, If any offence in Keeping your name/company name in this blog, let me know. No issues.. I will remove.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

VEC-ECE 2005 Passout batch meet .. on 7th March ..

Waiting to meet u Guys/Gals 2005 Passout from VEC Bellary - ECE batch..@ Lalbagh on 7th March @ 3PM :)..

Friends, I might have missed few..Please keep the spirit up and inform them ..

Monday, March 2, 2009

IndiBlogger meet 2009 @ Microsoft Signature tower

I had plans to go for IndiBloggers meet on 28th Feb 2009 @ 3PM @ MS on Intermediate Ring Road. where there was an informal gathering by some 100 Bloggers of Bangalore ..Event was sponsored by Microsoft.. There was first look session on Windows 7 by some guys as well..Other than some fun Filled events ..

I asked my friend, whether He wants to join.. He says I have no blogs.. Don't worry .. I said ..OK lets ask to the contact person there at IndiBlogger.. I called up there..I asked whether my friend who has no blogs and not yet registered for the event (its 12.30PM), Can he come with me.. He said no issues.

So many work between 12 to 3 ·to me and to Him.. Finally we managed to reach @ Microsoft's Signature building.. Got in .. Met lot of guys some from Non-Tech and mostly from tech companies ..With one guest speaker from MS .. Good time ..

We started with 1 minutes of fame..where in, there was a time-Glass (remember busy symbol in Windows prior to vista..) which will get emptied from one side to other in one minute exact..The person has to come and speak exactly for 1 minute .. about his blog..why he started an what is the theme etc,,just in one minute ..

After few guys/gals, It was my turn.. Started with .. Well This is Ashish Working For.. I started Blogging 2 Years ago just for fun..Theme of my blog is "Spread Unconditional Love"..I write about Life's experiences ..Technology..Open source.. People started smiling/laughing ..Started asking questions to me ..Beyond a minute ..Did u get any unconditional Love.. I said many..Its about .. People became silent ..with the seriousness with which I said above..Well, I believe there may be some hits from those guys to my blog ..Well no conditions apply ..

Many more ..around 70 guys came ..talked abt their blog..

It was followed by Mr Gireesh's talk on BizSpark, a new initiative by MS for start ups..wherein they will provide 25 licences of Visual studio, OS, desktop/Server both, Different types of productivity soft wares ..costing aroung $60K free of cost .. only condition is it has to be startup ..

That was followed by a small IndiBlogger gigg quiz.. How well do u know ur readers? ..There will be a comment taken from one's blog and that blogger has to identify that its from his blog.. If he does he has to a bit....

Then there was a session on Bloggers rights and responsibility by people. There was quite good debate ..Over Pink chaddi compaign..over various issue ..

And there was windows 7 Presentation and Demo (Though its good .. but not better than SuSe Linux.. I was thinking .. Cool xgl 3D..easy software installation and no viruses..and lot more cost effective..and if no money ..don't worry go for OpenSuse11..)

Many a times, Spread Unconditional Love was cited/spoken by fellow bloggers and everytime they talk about Spread/Unconditional/Love a nice smile over everybody's face.. Keep it up ..

Then there was Pizza ..lots of pizza..Cold drinks ..sprite..thumsup..Mirinda all there .. Coffee Tea.. Good arrangements .. We had Pizza and then I had to go Koromangala .. So met with few IndiBlogger members ..exchanged contacts ..and went to koromangala.. Sombody commented (unknowingly?) see u again over Pizza.. Did I mind .. Never .. I will definately meet that guy again over next meeting ..:)

It was really awsome ..Thanks IndiBlogger.. Thanks MS for PIzza .. Thanks Bangalore bloggers ... Thanks buddy for giving company .. Good day ..Went to Bhaiyya's home .. I (Apna hi hai bhaiya ka hai to..) got brand new Red color Avenger .. Got first time over that bike for some time .. Came back home by 9.30 PM .. Good Night .. :)

Unforgettable 7 hours .. Friday Fun

Friday, 27Th Feb 2008, Time 7.30PM: Lots of work at office. Had planned to work till late night and finish off some tasks. Narayana comes..Asked to go to Movie..I told which one? with almost bad face..But did change my face and said ..OK lets decide which one..He said English..Some Pink Panther..I said Hindi or Telugu (Koncham estam Koncham kastam)..Finally Hindi ..Which One ..OK Delhi 6.. Done..Lets finish few work and move by 8.30PM from office..

Time 8.05PM: Call from my room, Ranjan (My Cook..My Brother like..) called me and said come ASAP, As I am making poori-and Matar-Alu sabji..Please have it hot .. I said, I have to go movie ..But He said Have dinner and go..I said, Ok Make that for two then..will be @Home in 20 Mins.

Time:8.40PM: I and Narayana @ My room. Nice food ..Had Garam Garam Poori sabji..I must say, When Ranjan is in good mood, He makes food simply delecious..Yummy..Started feeling sleepy..Its 8.55, Ranjan Needs my USB drive to get some movie copied from somewhere.. No space in Disk..Start PC, Cut-Paste to system its 7GB .Oh My God..Just cut/paste 1.5GB and gave to Ranjan..

Time: 9.03 PM: From My room its 100 Metres.. Narayana Asks which theatre to go, Rex (Brigade road, Right from Nandini Bakery, Near my home on GM palya main road)) Or Innovative multiplex (Marathalli, Left from Nandini Bakery, Near my home on main road). As I was on bike behind Narayana No option to toss a coin, I asked say a random time between 8.55 and 9.5PM, If time u said is less than actual time, we Will go to Rex or else we will go to Marathalli. Well He said, 9.01, and it was 9.03 so lets go to Brigade road.

Time 9.05 PM: Near Nanddini Bakery. There is Traffic jam towards right, OK Sudden change, take left and now we are going towards Innovative multiplex. On the way to Marathalli.

Time:9.25PM: Near Marathalli Bridge. I said what will we do going to movie man..Its bore movie ..Lets go somewhere out of Bangalore..Somewhere cool and calm..some 50 KM from Bangalore.. He was not ready .. I said, OK lets go and Have tea at New airport ..(Yes around 47 KM from there).. He took a left turn (Innovative is right side). I thanked him. Its longer route compared to from my room from Old madras side, But we are on outer ring road. Great on the way to Airport now.

Time 10.10PM: Near Hebbal flyover: Have tea..relax..Good time with Tea-shopkeeper..I said I don't want to pay now, Can I pay tomorrow .. He started some story .. Well, It was all fun ..Laugh ..See u later ..We said ..and we moved again.. reached very near to airport ..may be 4 KM from airport..

Time: 11.20 PM: stopped bike road side.. There was nice greenery and temperature was cool..I was feeling very cold, As I was in T-shirt and no jacket.. Well we spent there around 50 Minutes .. I had my iPod with me ..Listened nice old Hindi songs by Mukesh .. lying on green grass somewhere beside main highway to airport ..seeing blue sky ..stars..remembering the Radium starts in my Room ..In Night, When u sleep in my hall, it seems u r beneath the sky ..but that's artificial ..The Fan's sound make it clear . But here it was all natural..Slow cool wind blowing ..Blue sky .. Great ..

Time 12.00 AM: My friend was thinking something, I said what? He said there was 23 cars crossed in one minute..I said OK lets play game one minute, u count first then I will count number of cars crossing our bike, He got 18 I got 11 .. I lost..While coming I Had said, I will pay for tea @ SubWay @ Airport..Lets move again..

Time 12.15 AM: Parked bike ..Roamed around ..saw small tea/snacks shop.. I ordered for 2 Tea and two samosas.. Hell..He says I will have Tea @ SubWay only, I said its 5Rs buddy here..Have it no..there it is 70 Bucks.. No way.. u said SubWay..Smiles like ..Khair leave it.. ..Ok ..Damn ..To Shopkeeper..Can u please return me 5 Rs.. No sir.. Please sir.. No sir.. Ok..Ok ..(Now ..just now I remember, It was 19, I gave him 20, He didn't return my 1 Re.. )

Time 12.45 AM: @ Subway.. Two coffee ..How much..68 ..Great ..Hey it should be 70 for one ..Damn come it is just 34 .. He said.. Angry ..Sad ..Different emotions in a minute ..:) I know He is good Pal..Teasing me ..Huh ..

Time: 1.25 AM: I am getting sleep buddy ..Lets go home.. Hey ..Give me keys, I will drive.. I said .. I got the key .. His bike is good ..Mine Pulsar ..Old Second hand bike..if it goes to 100KM/ starts shaking badly ..But Apache ..Good one .. Good grip on Road ..Balanced ...As soon as Speed goes in 3 digits ..He starts ..... There was an accident on the Highway .. Slow down man..I said to myself.. Decide no..I will not cross 80 on highway ..(lets see )..

Time: 2.10 PM: Near KR Puram FlyOver..I need tea ..Where will we get tea, at this time..But He knows.. Came near Tin factory ..Got tea.. Feeling good ..better .. Now where to go for sleeping.. My bike is in office.. Hey come to my room no, I said ..He say no mine.. OK ..

Time: 2.40 AM @ Narayana's Room.. Hey we will watch some movie now.. Some English movie ..Started ..Getting forward ..saw half an hour ..

Time: 3.30 AM: Thinking ..What a fantastic 7 hours .. Will not forget in near future ..

Time is just indicative..may not be exact..But mostly its correct to the minute .. :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Completed One More Year ..Its My B'day Today ..

Happy Birthday To Me..

3 person called me.. 2 SMS.. 6 Scraps.. 2 Gmail Mail.. Few more calls.. Few more Scraps and there will come another day .. Day with Problems .. Tensions ..

I am alone at my room.. Playing with my new Dell laptop..and WiFi Internet .. Listening to old melodies ..

Well, Today on my birthday, I am feeling a sense of happiness .. Sense of accomplishments .. Sense of being loved by few .. I am feeling better..

And then its again time for introspection ..since 1 year, all those wishes of last year's birthday ...They could just wish and wishes shares 20% or less for my life's improvement ..I am the person who has to perform.. Who has to make others happy.. Did that happen.. Did I improve myself .. Do I have more relatiions in compariison to last year's B'day .. Do I have more money ..? Do I have more skills .. Are people surrounding me are more happy than last year.. Am I able to contribute more than last year..Has my health imroved since last year .. My status in Work place and society has increased..? Did I communicate better this year of my life's calendar .. Could I spread more unconditional love ..? Lots of question that come in my mind now..

Some questions have positive answers .. some are neutral.. some are negative.. I will try and improve ..I do mistakes ..lots of mistakes in life.. But In this year of my life, this is my commitment to myself, That I will improve upon all the aspects which has negative answers above..

No celebrations planned other than some sweets in my office.. Probably few friends may go for a Cheap and best restaurent for dinner .. :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Famous Bihari Restaurent in Bangalore serving Litti Chokha

The restaurent's name is Chilli-Pepper .. Address is

Chilli Pepper
K.R. Puram Ring Road
Marathahalli Colony
Phone: 080-32972076, 080-25227362

This is good place to have bihari food. To reach there, From old airport side, come till marathalli bridge, and then take left in service road, Go till 0.5 KM approx. and just after Malgudi Restaurent in the left side, you will find this decent restaurent.

I had Veg sizzler which was great. and then Litti Chokha costing 70 Rs for 3 Pcs of Litti. Superb .. Delicious.. They provide Ghee in Big Bowl..Dip Half Cut Shattu Bhara litti in ghee ..and have that with Chokha. Chokha is made with Alu, Baigan, Tomato, Onion, Garlic etc.

One important thing.. Litti Chokha is available only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.. I had been one day on week day and could not get Litti-Chokha there..

Service is getting bit delayed on weekends..and sometimes u may have to wait for 20-30 minutes ..

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Damn..! Somebody create Krishna Sena oppose Ram/Shiva/Durga/WhatNot Sena

I condemn the behavior of Sri Ram Sene shown in Mangalore Pub case.

I had never heard of This Sena before Mangalore case..So one thing they could achieve was the publicity.. media coverage that too free of cost.. If any company wants to launch a product, he has to invest a lot .. But this fellow was able to get free publicity ..

Who was those guys, who misbehaved with Girls in Pub? I don't know much, But I do believe, they should be unemployed youth who take alcohol in night after they do these things in day time.. Who the hell they are to beat Girls and Boys .. just power of body and group .. few people only .. not even in thousands .. Let one single person come and hit somebody in Pub..Then we will see How he gets out of there ..

Indian culture ..Huh.. what is the Indian Culture..? Keeping female's ego always below male's ego.. Woman should just be in home, cook food for "This cultural Indian Man" , look after child and finally die .. then these guys will remain happy .. They do not want ladies to sit beside Male and have drink or cigarette..They do not want Ladies to develop..Ladies to get more freedom.. Ladies to feel happy....These few guys knew, they have nothing left in their life and hence troubling others .. They are known to public now and they can take part in elections ..get elected as they anyhow manage to brainwash uneducated people..

Somebody had said to me for FUN that.. If one has to become MLA or MP in India.. The easiest was is to do few murders and get caught by police .. some political leader will contact him and get his bail and later he will do few more crime for that leader and then there will be ego issue between this new guy and existing political leader and next time he will stand for MLA election .. He may loose first time but He will become MLA second time If he performs (Crime ?) well.

In Ram sene case, it seems similar to that.. Are..Agar se ladki ko, uske maan, baap, Bhai, behan ko problem nahi hai to tumhari kyun jal rahi hai ..? Yes, I do believe that we should have some restriction (both for male/female), But those restriction should be made by their well wishers .. their Parents .. And not by these Moral Police..

As there are parties named after Rama (A symbol of Idealism)/ Shiva (A symbol of Destroying Evils) / Durga (A symbol of Nari Shakti) .. There should be one party named Krishna Sena (Krishna symbolizes for Love.. Love with Radha..).

India is a independent country and people are free to do whatever they want to do, whatever they want to say ..provided they are not hurting others .. If you want to teach to Those boys/girls about the so called non-respect of Indian culture, go to colleges, take sessions.. Publish articles .. Do a silent protest .. But Beating and humiliating, that too to ladies, is shameful and at least not an Indian Culture..

I could have respected their feelings, If they do protest silently and Parents should have taken actions, If their son/daughter is going out of control..

Regarding Valentine day.. I believe, There should not be restriction to celebrate that .. Those who are lucky couple should enjoy and be with each other ..

happy valentine day

Monday, February 9, 2009

VEC Bellary, ECE 2005 Passout Friends Meet @ Lalbagh, Bangalore @ 3PM on 7th March 2009.

Hi Friends,

Its been almost 4 years, We all met. Without any hype or process, I request every body to just come to Lalbagh on 7th March 2009 at 3PM. We all should assemble (Get ur own ticket :) ) near SheeshMahal inside Lalbagh. I mean Glass House as seen in below Picture.

Similar message will be sent to you by Mruthunjaya/ Manju Hubli, as well. All these messages leads to same event. Please do contact Me/Muthu/Manju, If any info is required.

To know more about lalbagh, Click Here

To View the Orkut Forum related to this event Click Here

Please do not think anything other than to plan, How will you spread the positive message to as many as possible and how will you reach to Lalbagh @ 3PM on 7th March 2009.

Your help in making this event a grand success, is required.

There is no plan Other than to sit somewhere in the lawn and have tea together and we should be there for 2-3 Hrs. Rest of the plan should be made collectively @ LalBagh by we all. (If any, and optional).

Also, If possible do not send mails to all (unless it is required), Send only to Me/Muthu/Manju. we will consolidate the message and keep Friends posted.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Love marriage or arranged marriage?

The rate of Divorce filed in Indian courts are very high for those who had Love marriage. I don't have exact data .. But around 89% of them are Love marriage where as only 11% of Divorce case are for those who had arranged marriage.
Well, Thats a data point. This data is for the first high tech generation. As I believe, The number of Love marriages are very less currently. SO If you have less numbers and out of those If some are getting divorced, The percentage is gonna be high. Well This scenario is likely to change. Another reason is, Who can have Love marriage. Mostly, Love marriage happens, If the girl loves some guy. and the chances of that to happen is more in Urban areas. In Rural areas, People generally do not even think of getting married against their parents, And to add that for Girls its really tough. Which girl can dare to go for this are who are financially independent. Well normally.
And As the number of financially independent girls are increasing, Its going to lead more love marriages. From my point of view, Love Then Arranged marriage is best.
Again, One very important aspect is ..Why did u love her at first place, Or why did She loves you? Is it just because of sexual attraction? Or just because He/She is very Rich? There should be real love..Then only Love marriage is going to succeed.. And Beware, If u did Love marriage without ur parents approval, u r gonna be in trouble once Ego will come in between.
Arranged marriage is like a lucky draw. If u r lucky enough, u get a understanding partner, Otherwise, Even If u don't go for divorce due to society, u r not happy. Society does not know, whats happening between you two..So one more good way would be to let Parents choose Girl/Boy, But parents should at least give them few days to know each other. And there must be freedom to reject at this level.

When u started loving somebody, u don't know anything about him/her. And u think, its final decision..? Huh u been to movie or shopping together and u think its gonna work whole life.. may not be.. I have seen Couples who does not know each other in real even after 2 years of affair.. Girl thinks, her boyfriend is very decent..But In actual, He has affair with several girls. Its just his time pass..though He takes utmost care for not revealing this. Similarly there are girls who just plays with boys like toys, uses him for holding shopping bags , to protect her and to get status in her friend circle..:)

To conclude, think thousand times If u r going for love marriage, without family's approval and if u think still, He/She is perfect for you.. Go for it...

Well, I am for arranged (then love :) ).. Above stated facts are my opinions, and I don't force u to buy that. :)

Lets have a look at the difference between Love and arranged marriage.