Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Can an enterprise survive without using Properietry softwares?

Can a large company (Say, a Chain of hotels) survive without using Proprietary softwares? Use Only Free Softwares?
As a Techie, I see the world of companies as of only two types:-

Type1: Makers:- Companies who makes products related to technology (Like hardwares, OS, Compilers, Applications, ERP/CRM) like Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Infosys
Type2:Users: Companies which does not know (Do not want to know), How a software works, rather it should have a nice front-end (I mean user friendly) and It should be reliable, If low cost then better. like ICICI bank, Appolo hospitals, Cafe coffee day, Arcelor Mittal.

I have some rough idea that, for a Type1 company, Moving completely out of Properietry softwares (Windows/Mac, and applications developed for these platforms) is possible though bit difficult. We have OS/Compilers/IDEs/testTools/Productivity softwares which are free and open source. I want to discuss, What we can't get in Open/Free softwares? What is that keeps us not going for these softwares? What all problems Type1 company can face If they want to move out of Properietry software?

For Type2 companies, its still a long time to get Free/Open source as It takes lot of technical effort to get Open source integrated and customized for their requirements.. Comments Please..?

Oracle buys Sun

Oracle buys Sun

What are the implications of this?

What will happen to MySql as Oracle is king in database market..(Oracle 11g)

What will happen to Netbeans .. Oracle mainly supports Eclipse....

Is Oracle heading to have direct competition with Microsoft In Operating System having OpenSolaris (On Intel Hardware)/Solaris (on Sparc Hardware).? Is Oracle thinking to buy RedHat?

Oracle can Focus on proprietary OS (Solaris) and compete with MS or Initially go with OpenSolaris and give threat to Linux server vendors.

Both Oracle and Sun has IAM (Identity and Access Management Suite of products). What will happen to those..
Time will tell Everything ?

Started going for music classes: Ashish Kumar Jha

Last week I joined Music Class near KR Puram. Here I will learn Key-board. I have attended 2 classes till yet. Started with 123-12345 (SaReGaMa - western style) with one hand and then both hands, still there is problem in boths hands synchronization. Started with Music notations.

I had thought to do some surfing to get more details on Music Notations, Could not get time (or Laziness?).

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mumbai Trip 27-30 March 2009

I left Bangalore on 26th March, by Udyaan express. I met with one of my colleague in the train and his four friends. We shared jokes and played Cards. 20 Hours journey till Pune was passed happily.

My Mobile's battery was discharged, and it was not getting charged by 110V power supply in train. Most of the sockets were not working or always busy. I thought, I may have to purchase a new mobile as soon as I reach Mumbai. Problem was, I was not having my friends number written other than in mobile, and Mobile was not getting switched On. Somehow, after charging 10 Mins, Mobile got ON and I wrote My friend number in paper.

I reached My friends room at 9PM. Next day, we wnet to several places in Mumbai and Met few more friends and next days and I caught Return train, Trivendram exp on Monday 30th march. Reached Bangalore by 12.30 on 31st. Could not go to office.

It was great time there in Mumbai.

Photos and videos can be watched :

Created My website

I created

I got the DNS name from

And then I hosted this to In Freehostia, I used joomla to build my website.

I will write detailed step to get a website up and running in ur name and with ur content in professional look by spending just 400 Rs. This will be for one year.