Monday, February 16, 2009

Completed One More Year ..Its My B'day Today ..

Happy Birthday To Me..

3 person called me.. 2 SMS.. 6 Scraps.. 2 Gmail Mail.. Few more calls.. Few more Scraps and there will come another day .. Day with Problems .. Tensions ..

I am alone at my room.. Playing with my new Dell laptop..and WiFi Internet .. Listening to old melodies ..

Well, Today on my birthday, I am feeling a sense of happiness .. Sense of accomplishments .. Sense of being loved by few .. I am feeling better..

And then its again time for introspection ..since 1 year, all those wishes of last year's birthday ...They could just wish and wishes shares 20% or less for my life's improvement ..I am the person who has to perform.. Who has to make others happy.. Did that happen.. Did I improve myself .. Do I have more relatiions in compariison to last year's B'day .. Do I have more money ..? Do I have more skills .. Are people surrounding me are more happy than last year.. Am I able to contribute more than last year..Has my health imroved since last year .. My status in Work place and society has increased..? Did I communicate better this year of my life's calendar .. Could I spread more unconditional love ..? Lots of question that come in my mind now..

Some questions have positive answers .. some are neutral.. some are negative.. I will try and improve ..I do mistakes ..lots of mistakes in life.. But In this year of my life, this is my commitment to myself, That I will improve upon all the aspects which has negative answers above..

No celebrations planned other than some sweets in my office.. Probably few friends may go for a Cheap and best restaurent for dinner .. :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Famous Bihari Restaurent in Bangalore serving Litti Chokha

The restaurent's name is Chilli-Pepper .. Address is

Chilli Pepper
K.R. Puram Ring Road
Marathahalli Colony
Phone: 080-32972076, 080-25227362

This is good place to have bihari food. To reach there, From old airport side, come till marathalli bridge, and then take left in service road, Go till 0.5 KM approx. and just after Malgudi Restaurent in the left side, you will find this decent restaurent.

I had Veg sizzler which was great. and then Litti Chokha costing 70 Rs for 3 Pcs of Litti. Superb .. Delicious.. They provide Ghee in Big Bowl..Dip Half Cut Shattu Bhara litti in ghee ..and have that with Chokha. Chokha is made with Alu, Baigan, Tomato, Onion, Garlic etc.

One important thing.. Litti Chokha is available only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.. I had been one day on week day and could not get Litti-Chokha there..

Service is getting bit delayed on weekends..and sometimes u may have to wait for 20-30 minutes ..

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Damn..! Somebody create Krishna Sena oppose Ram/Shiva/Durga/WhatNot Sena

I condemn the behavior of Sri Ram Sene shown in Mangalore Pub case.

I had never heard of This Sena before Mangalore case..So one thing they could achieve was the publicity.. media coverage that too free of cost.. If any company wants to launch a product, he has to invest a lot .. But this fellow was able to get free publicity ..

Who was those guys, who misbehaved with Girls in Pub? I don't know much, But I do believe, they should be unemployed youth who take alcohol in night after they do these things in day time.. Who the hell they are to beat Girls and Boys .. just power of body and group .. few people only .. not even in thousands .. Let one single person come and hit somebody in Pub..Then we will see How he gets out of there ..

Indian culture ..Huh.. what is the Indian Culture..? Keeping female's ego always below male's ego.. Woman should just be in home, cook food for "This cultural Indian Man" , look after child and finally die .. then these guys will remain happy .. They do not want ladies to sit beside Male and have drink or cigarette..They do not want Ladies to develop..Ladies to get more freedom.. Ladies to feel happy....These few guys knew, they have nothing left in their life and hence troubling others .. They are known to public now and they can take part in elections ..get elected as they anyhow manage to brainwash uneducated people..

Somebody had said to me for FUN that.. If one has to become MLA or MP in India.. The easiest was is to do few murders and get caught by police .. some political leader will contact him and get his bail and later he will do few more crime for that leader and then there will be ego issue between this new guy and existing political leader and next time he will stand for MLA election .. He may loose first time but He will become MLA second time If he performs (Crime ?) well.

In Ram sene case, it seems similar to that.. Are..Agar se ladki ko, uske maan, baap, Bhai, behan ko problem nahi hai to tumhari kyun jal rahi hai ..? Yes, I do believe that we should have some restriction (both for male/female), But those restriction should be made by their well wishers .. their Parents .. And not by these Moral Police..

As there are parties named after Rama (A symbol of Idealism)/ Shiva (A symbol of Destroying Evils) / Durga (A symbol of Nari Shakti) .. There should be one party named Krishna Sena (Krishna symbolizes for Love.. Love with Radha..).

India is a independent country and people are free to do whatever they want to do, whatever they want to say ..provided they are not hurting others .. If you want to teach to Those boys/girls about the so called non-respect of Indian culture, go to colleges, take sessions.. Publish articles .. Do a silent protest .. But Beating and humiliating, that too to ladies, is shameful and at least not an Indian Culture..

I could have respected their feelings, If they do protest silently and Parents should have taken actions, If their son/daughter is going out of control..

Regarding Valentine day.. I believe, There should not be restriction to celebrate that .. Those who are lucky couple should enjoy and be with each other ..

happy valentine day

Monday, February 9, 2009

VEC Bellary, ECE 2005 Passout Friends Meet @ Lalbagh, Bangalore @ 3PM on 7th March 2009.

Hi Friends,

Its been almost 4 years, We all met. Without any hype or process, I request every body to just come to Lalbagh on 7th March 2009 at 3PM. We all should assemble (Get ur own ticket :) ) near SheeshMahal inside Lalbagh. I mean Glass House as seen in below Picture.

Similar message will be sent to you by Mruthunjaya/ Manju Hubli, as well. All these messages leads to same event. Please do contact Me/Muthu/Manju, If any info is required.

To know more about lalbagh, Click Here

To View the Orkut Forum related to this event Click Here

Please do not think anything other than to plan, How will you spread the positive message to as many as possible and how will you reach to Lalbagh @ 3PM on 7th March 2009.

Your help in making this event a grand success, is required.

There is no plan Other than to sit somewhere in the lawn and have tea together and we should be there for 2-3 Hrs. Rest of the plan should be made collectively @ LalBagh by we all. (If any, and optional).

Also, If possible do not send mails to all (unless it is required), Send only to Me/Muthu/Manju. we will consolidate the message and keep Friends posted.