Sunday, April 27, 2008

Trip to Bannerghatta national park

I went to Chandrabhanu Bhaiya's Home in National Games village in Koromangala. There We thought to go somewhere... Finally We decided to go to Bannerghatta national park .. It was 2PM there only .. we reached National park at 2.45 PM. Got the ticket for Grand Safari. We had to wait in que for around 45 minutes to get into the "Mini Bus" so called safari. Then we went inside th forest and saw several open animals like Lion, Tiger, Dear, Bear, Panther..It was really great.. But As this was totally unplanned activity, I could not get Camera.
Surprisingly, I met with one of my collegue (With Family) and we all were in same Safari..Wat a coincidence..It was great fun ..
I came back to Bhaiyya's Home and had dinner (We prepared there..though it was a mess!!)..Came back to room at 10PM ..

Mathematical mistake in RACE Hindi Movie

In Race movie, There were so many twists and turns, Though some of the twists were expected, Why ? As In the Trailers running since 3-4 months on TV, There were some dialogues by Saif Ali Khan, Had not come till He was dead :) .

There was first 100 Million Dollar, Given by Insurance company to Katrina Kaif (+Akshay Khanna), Out of which, He gave 25 Million to Anil kapoor, And Anil kapoor gave some amount to manager of orphanage (Not disclosed.. It was some two packs.. But not sure how much was that). Now with Akshay, there were 75 Millions Dollars only.

Till, last both Anil Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan were in dileama, That they have 200 Million dollars.. Director made them fool.. There were only 175 Million dollars ..and I don't know how much was given to Anil Kapoor..

Testing Brains.. Works even u watch movie ... :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Trip to Hampi

I along with my Brother-In-Law went to Hubli by Bus on Friday. Saturday we booked a Innova and went to Hampi along with My Sister and her friends.

We first went to BVB College and saw the college, then went to College canteen. Later it took sometime to gather all friends. we moved from Hubli at 10.40 AM. My plan was to meet my friend Tilak, whose home is on the way to Hampi, In Koppal. We went to koppal and spent some time with Tilak. Had some group photos.

Then we moved to Hospet. I saw the time was 3PM and my return ticket for Bangalore was on 9.30 PM from Hubli. I Went to cyber cafe in Hospet and Canceled the ticket. After cancelling the ticket I wanted to book ticket to Bangalore at 11.30PM, I couldn't as the server was down. Again, I went to KSRTC bus stand to get the ticket, but there also server was down.

Finally, We moved to Hampi. We reached there at 4PM. We had lunch in Hampi. We saw one big temple (name I forgot :( ), And Queens Palace and some other monuments. While coming back, I booked ticket to bangalore at 11PM in Hospet.

In the whole trip, We (I, my BiL, my SiS and 6 of her friends) played various games, antakshari and enjoyed a lot.

We reached back to Hubli at 10 PM (I had requested to Warden, That all the girls will be back to Hostel by 8.30pm Max). After dropping them in Hostel, I and my BiL came to hotel, Packed our Bag and came to Hubli New Bus Stand. Got the bus, Reached bangalore today at 8AM.

It was a good unplanned outing and we all had a great fun.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Car driving

Today was my first car driving training class. Tariner's name is Manju, and He stays near Halasuru and belong to Bangalore only. He know Hindi, But not fluent. I was able to understand what he is telling.

The driving school is "Dhanush Driving School" (Again School?) in Indiranagar BDA complex. It was around one hour session. I was just moving the stearing left and right and nothing else. I feel, Car driving needs more discipline and concentration in comparison to bike. The problem with the car is, There are three things, Accelerator, Brake and Clutch and only two legs.

Though I don't have any plans to buy Car in near future, But learning just in case, I get enough money, I will buy a Second hand car and practice in Bangalore. (Preparing for after marriage effects !!)

It was great fun!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

ICICI bank Minimum Balance

ICICI has increased the minimum balance for its saving account to 10,000. It seems they are focussing more on upper middle and upper class customers only. As I feel, Its very difficult to maintain 10K Minm. In This age of consumerism, everybody is loaded with lots of expenses and credit card bills. Banks have fueled the expenses by providing Credit card.

I can't blame this to just Banks, Even we public has become adicted to that and we think why to pay by cash or debit card If I can keep the money for another 30-40 days and I will not have to pay anything extra. But our expenses have increased. I go to Big Bazaar and Even If I don't need anything argent, I will purchase it just because I am not supposed to pay right now. This has lead to Money-Mis-Management.

Anoth thing I came to know, That unlike before, I can not transfer money to any Bank's account at any time. First of all, Bank should fall under NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer) and not under EFT. Second thing is, It depends upon the branch also, What I mean, You may be able to transfer money from ICICI bank to SBI, RT nagar branch, But may be you can't to SBI gandhinagar branch. Also, Unlike earlier, You can transfer money only on working days and working time i.e upto 3.30PM on weekdays and upto 1.30PM on saturday.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Disclaimer: Ashish Kumar Jha

I am Starting writing blog again with discliamer

This blog is completely personal to me, and anything written in this blog, is best from my knowledge, But Neither any individual nor any Organization is responsible for any thing written.

If you find anything which is objectionable, let me know, I will take required action on that.

Thanks for your understanding.

Ashish Kumar Jha,
Bhatottar,Purnea, Bihar