Sunday, April 27, 2008

Trip to Bannerghatta national park

I went to Chandrabhanu Bhaiya's Home in National Games village in Koromangala. There We thought to go somewhere... Finally We decided to go to Bannerghatta national park .. It was 2PM there only .. we reached National park at 2.45 PM. Got the ticket for Grand Safari. We had to wait in que for around 45 minutes to get into the "Mini Bus" so called safari. Then we went inside th forest and saw several open animals like Lion, Tiger, Dear, Bear, Panther..It was really great.. But As this was totally unplanned activity, I could not get Camera.
Surprisingly, I met with one of my collegue (With Family) and we all were in same Safari..Wat a coincidence..It was great fun ..
I came back to Bhaiyya's Home and had dinner (We prepared there..though it was a mess!!)..Came back to room at 10PM ..

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