Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mathematical mistake in RACE Hindi Movie

In Race movie, There were so many twists and turns, Though some of the twists were expected, Why ? As In the Trailers running since 3-4 months on TV, There were some dialogues by Saif Ali Khan, Had not come till He was dead :) .

There was first 100 Million Dollar, Given by Insurance company to Katrina Kaif (+Akshay Khanna), Out of which, He gave 25 Million to Anil kapoor, And Anil kapoor gave some amount to manager of orphanage (Not disclosed.. It was some two packs.. But not sure how much was that). Now with Akshay, there were 75 Millions Dollars only.

Till, last both Anil Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan were in dileama, That they have 200 Million dollars.. Director made them fool.. There were only 175 Million dollars ..and I don't know how much was given to Anil Kapoor..

Testing Brains.. Works even u watch movie ... :)

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Anonymous said...

i think the maths in the film is correct...coz it's not abt maths after all..........i am not so sure but my reasoning is that.....acc to the movie saif nor bipasha has witnessed the transaction b/w akhaye giving anil the 25 acc to's perfectly fine for them to assume that the entire 200 million is at for anil...he might not have wanted saif or any one to know...that he donated some money to the orphanage(how much he donated is not important)