Monday, January 12, 2009

Love marriage or arranged marriage?

The rate of Divorce filed in Indian courts are very high for those who had Love marriage. I don't have exact data .. But around 89% of them are Love marriage where as only 11% of Divorce case are for those who had arranged marriage.
Well, Thats a data point. This data is for the first high tech generation. As I believe, The number of Love marriages are very less currently. SO If you have less numbers and out of those If some are getting divorced, The percentage is gonna be high. Well This scenario is likely to change. Another reason is, Who can have Love marriage. Mostly, Love marriage happens, If the girl loves some guy. and the chances of that to happen is more in Urban areas. In Rural areas, People generally do not even think of getting married against their parents, And to add that for Girls its really tough. Which girl can dare to go for this are who are financially independent. Well normally.
And As the number of financially independent girls are increasing, Its going to lead more love marriages. From my point of view, Love Then Arranged marriage is best.
Again, One very important aspect is ..Why did u love her at first place, Or why did She loves you? Is it just because of sexual attraction? Or just because He/She is very Rich? There should be real love..Then only Love marriage is going to succeed.. And Beware, If u did Love marriage without ur parents approval, u r gonna be in trouble once Ego will come in between.
Arranged marriage is like a lucky draw. If u r lucky enough, u get a understanding partner, Otherwise, Even If u don't go for divorce due to society, u r not happy. Society does not know, whats happening between you two..So one more good way would be to let Parents choose Girl/Boy, But parents should at least give them few days to know each other. And there must be freedom to reject at this level.

When u started loving somebody, u don't know anything about him/her. And u think, its final decision..? Huh u been to movie or shopping together and u think its gonna work whole life.. may not be.. I have seen Couples who does not know each other in real even after 2 years of affair.. Girl thinks, her boyfriend is very decent..But In actual, He has affair with several girls. Its just his time pass..though He takes utmost care for not revealing this. Similarly there are girls who just plays with boys like toys, uses him for holding shopping bags , to protect her and to get status in her friend circle..:)

To conclude, think thousand times If u r going for love marriage, without family's approval and if u think still, He/She is perfect for you.. Go for it...

Well, I am for arranged (then love :) ).. Above stated facts are my opinions, and I don't force u to buy that. :)

Lets have a look at the difference between Love and arranged marriage.