Monday, February 16, 2009

Completed One More Year ..Its My B'day Today ..

Happy Birthday To Me..

3 person called me.. 2 SMS.. 6 Scraps.. 2 Gmail Mail.. Few more calls.. Few more Scraps and there will come another day .. Day with Problems .. Tensions ..

I am alone at my room.. Playing with my new Dell laptop..and WiFi Internet .. Listening to old melodies ..

Well, Today on my birthday, I am feeling a sense of happiness .. Sense of accomplishments .. Sense of being loved by few .. I am feeling better..

And then its again time for introspection ..since 1 year, all those wishes of last year's birthday ...They could just wish and wishes shares 20% or less for my life's improvement ..I am the person who has to perform.. Who has to make others happy.. Did that happen.. Did I improve myself .. Do I have more relatiions in compariison to last year's B'day .. Do I have more money ..? Do I have more skills .. Are people surrounding me are more happy than last year.. Am I able to contribute more than last year..Has my health imroved since last year .. My status in Work place and society has increased..? Did I communicate better this year of my life's calendar .. Could I spread more unconditional love ..? Lots of question that come in my mind now..

Some questions have positive answers .. some are neutral.. some are negative.. I will try and improve ..I do mistakes ..lots of mistakes in life.. But In this year of my life, this is my commitment to myself, That I will improve upon all the aspects which has negative answers above..

No celebrations planned other than some sweets in my office.. Probably few friends may go for a Cheap and best restaurent for dinner .. :)

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