Friday, May 1, 2009

Time difference between life and death

Disclaimer: Completely my personal views.. And It may not be true .. So no offence and no liabilities to me.. :)

I stopped my breath .. I could stop my breath only for 22 seconds ... If somebody does lots of Yoga and Other breath exercises, He can do this for 3-5 Minutes .. If somebody forcibly stop ur breath for 1 Minute (For Normal person).. Its all gone.. Then what will happen to all ur ambition.. All ur properties .. All ur Bank balance.. To ur friends .. To ur family .. U can't talk .. U can't think after that .. U can't learn new things .. U can't Feel proud of being better than somebody else .. Nobody/Nothing will go with you..

U r driving bike .. sometimes speed more than 90KM/Hr..And suddenly one dog comes .. or something slippery comes .. and u could not control .. Gone within 2 minutes .. And once the Generator (Heart which is like a generator of DC current who serves the 5V power supply to all the other Hardware mainly Brain-CPU..) is switched off.. Nothing can be done to get u back and who cares after that ..

Ok..Enough negative and scary thoughts .. Even if u die normal death .. After effects are same .. Only difference would be, It will not be like a twist in the so many's life's film .. Colleagues will say .. Oh My God .. He is no more.. So sad .. and could not even stop to have lunch just after few hours of this news .. Close friends may go to ur home (If their work schedule is not very tight or ur home is not very far ..) to condole ur family .. Family members ..very near ones only will not be able to take food for few days.. but somewhat far family members like uncles .. cousin will start having food .. and even have parties if planned .. Nothing is gonna stop in their life . But ur family will get really disturbed for quite long time .. Yes .. This is not to blame Somewhat far family or even closer friends, But its reality .. Even something happens to my close friend what will I do..?

That's life .. And there are so many uncertainty .. When I went home to attend my brother's marriage, I came to know, My Brother's friend Ak, was killed in an accident few days before.. He (Ak) may/may not be responsible for that .. But Marriage involves so many people/Parties and could not be avoided .. (Or the willingness to avoid this immediate marriage was not there in us).. Ak was married few years before and had a Kid.. God Knows what will happen to them ..

Happiness .. We all are in search of happiness .. What does that mean to people ..

Some may want to have good party like alcohol ..and other things ..
Some want to earn lots lots of money
Some want to get power .. Power such that others get fear of him..
Some like to have good food ..good home ..
Some want to have good branded clothes that he goes to party other people see and say .. wow what a dress u have ..
Some wants to go to USA.Singapore .. enjoy ..

And If they get these they feel happy for a moment and then becomes sad again to get another bigger things .. Is this Bad ..? No .. But dependency on something is Bad ..
Being content in life is boring .. same old thing every day .Huh . Fine take risks .. Go new heights .. get more power .. Money .. But at the end of the day .. Don't forget .. Ur life is very short . and after that nothing matters ..

Why so much of tension.. Jelousy .. Fear of losing job .... Just work hard .. do ur duty .. help others .. keep learning .. Have good food .. Make others happy .. say good jokes .. Learn music .. Motivate others for good things . Have long plans .. Have faith in yourself .. Take Positive risks .. Don't be proud of what u r now .. Don't treat Rich and poor differently .. Don't behave rudely with Economically backward people .. That's it .. Just think Whatever/Whoever u r .. It takes a minute to be nothing ..

Dream big .. Dream big .. Work very very hard .. Party very very very very hard .. (Party should be like with friends family .. good food .. Positive cinemas .. Outing to god locations .. Music .. Dance . That's it .. )

Note: In this post, I am talking to myself .. here You me means my innerself . You the real you .. may not have same feelings .. and that may be equaly good or better .. U may share what u think life is, why do we live? ..for what ..What's happiness for you .. The real you .. Bye Ashish ..

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