Saturday, May 2, 2009

Novell's position on Identity and Access Management

Novell's main offerings for IAM space include, Novell Identity Manager,Novell Access Manager, Novell Border Manager, Novell Secure Login, Sentinel, eDirectory.

Backend Directory server, Identity management with support of data syncronization to almost all major database/directory, Single Sign On by Secure Login, Auditing by Sentinel, Access Management by Access manager. Thus Novell has complete stack of IAM to offer to enterprise customer. The market growth is expected in this domain and Novell is in leading quadrant. (Source: Gartner's report).

Major competition to Novell is Microsoft (Active Directory Tightly integrated with Windows Servers)

Other Software Vendors in this space are IBM, SUN (now acquired by Oracle), Oracle, CA, RedHat.

Novell needs to make sure that, quality of product is unmatchable, and Novell needs to provide end to end solution either by own offerings or Eco-system created along with Partners.

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