Friday, January 1, 2010

India in last Decade..

Wish You All A Warm, Happy And Prosperous New Year..

Last 10 years wrote a history for India and most importantly the IT sector has done tremendously well.. After Dot-Com boom, It was Indian IT services companies which reached to new heights in last 10 years. Many Indian IT companies got listed in NASDAQ. The job opportunities in IT sector made many people prosperous.

Apart from IT, it was Telecom sector, which changed the way we used to communicate. from merely 5-6 Million Mobile subscribers in 2000, Now India has 450 Million mobile subscribers. The Teli density is increased hugely. The Internet has reached to masses, Still lot more needs to be done in internet space, considering almost nill penetration in rural India.

Also, Reality sector wrote good success story .. Many Indian Builders are now contending for overseas projects.

Still, Farmer suicide, widening gap between Rich and Poor, Food insufficiency, price rise etc.. are major concerns.

India has great potential to get into league of world leaders in coming years.

Wishing a peaceful world!!

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