Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Smoking Ban in Public Places: Views by Ashish Kumar Jha

Dear Mr. Ramdoss,

I appreciate your willingness to curb on this very important health issue. You are spending a lot on advertising the same and every Hotel, Organization etc.. had to put NO SMOKING board and No body is allowed to smoke inside campus. Well, I can say the smoking have not decreased and you knew this before. May be If a smoker used to have 10 Cigrates in a day, He will have 9 a day.. He goes out and smokes.

In fact, I believe, Its not possible to stop smoking.. This should be felt by individual that this is BAD.. But The craze is such that, I see even Girls smoking in public now.. If Government is really interested to BAN smoking, BAN the companies.. All these Wills, GoldFlake are manufactured in INDIA..BAN the company and provide other Jobs to displaced employees.. Stop the imports of Cigrates.. But this is not possible by you .. For this a lot of Guts and real willingness is required not the media attention..

You see, Gujarat is a complete DRY state where, Liquor can't be sold. They took this tough decisions and I believe its working to an extent. But lastly, I believe, People should realize that, smoking is injurious to their heath. Writing Statuary Warning on Packs is not going to benefit.

A Citizen of India...

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