Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wow!! wat a change ..

When I was in 3rd Semester of Engineering, I went to see "Kaante" in Moti theatre, Bellary along with 8-10 friends. The theatre is very bad in terms of cleanliness and it was stinking all over. Also the sound system used was not good. Anyhow, I watched movie, Came back to hostel..Thought not to watch movies in theatre..and declared the same to friends .. It was strange decision .. Nobody thought that I will never see movie after that in Bellary Theatres .. (I was seeing in Computer ..:) ). But Bol Diya to Bol diya ..Everybody used to go ..They asked to me some times initially ..I refused ..Later nobody asked to me..And when the three got over..I didn't go for a single movie in Bellary..

I came to Bangalore on 19th February 2005.. Was struggling to get job.. No time to watch movie.. Got Job in Afila on 7th November 2005. There were Movies planned, But I used to refuse.. In May 2006 or So, After thinking a lot.. I broke the silence and went to Movie with around 60 Afilites in REX theatre..Film was Fanaa.. We were sitting in first row from screen ..Yes it was 5-10 feet away from screen ..We had so many things to eat taken inside ..around 100 popcorns .. Also we used to celebrate Monthly Birthday ..Like all the person having B'day in April will cut the cake in may ..So there was B'day Celebration in Theatre.. Vyom ..My project manager were very much co-operative and part of all the fun..We started ( I remember I was the culprit..) throwing Pocorn packets ..empty juice packets to others ..And it was all great fun.. After that movie again there was long silence .. I think next movie I saw was in Delhi ..DON with Irshad and Manish in FUN Cinema in November 2006.Then Munagrumale Near Majestic in 2007..with Harsh, Rajshekhar, Padaki..

When I joined Novell, The speed increased ..I watched several movies with team..And now .. the current status is I saw "Rock On" on 12th Sep, Wednesday on 17th Sep and Welcome to sajjanpur on 19th Sep with Narayana.. Wow great improvement ..

One last line.. I remember, In 1998 I had seen 14 movies in theatre in one week. Out of that 5 movies was in one day in three different theatres..

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