Friday, October 3, 2008

Going to Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Home, Delhi to enjoy ..just enjoy

In this whole year, I worked every week day except for three days when I was sick. After a long 11 Months (After Nov. 2007), I have long plans.
1. Going to Mumbai to meet some of my old friends. Then probably, I will visit Pune also to meet some other friends there. Starting on 8th October and will be back on 14th.

2. Going to home on 24th, On the way, I will be at Kolkata for 8-9 Hours and will meet some friends there ..

3. For Team picnic, we will go for one night picnic to Kalasa and stay in Silent Valley Resort on 18-19th October.

4. Will reach home on 25th, then will go nearby towns to visit other family/friends..

5. Will go to Saharsa on 6th Nov, From where by train to Delhi.. Will be staying in Delhi till 12th November.. and then fly back to Bangalore.

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