Friday, November 28, 2008

Two Years @ Novell : Ashish Kumar Jha From Purnia, Bihar

Two years passed and I think, I have joined few days back ..Its refreshingly .. No grudge .. No Pain .. Happiness .. that is what Novell has given me ... I have my friends in more than 100 software companies .. But There is something unique about Novell.. In fact there are several unique things about Novell..

One among that is almost every function we have in Novell, We call Family member of employees .. Let it be team outing . sports day .. Novell Anniversary day ..

Second, In any of the team parties, Alcohal is strictly prohibited .. In most of the IT company .. Its not there..

There is TGWIN (Thank God We r In Novell) every 2 Months .. Where we have Fun ..lots of Fun .. Music ..Games .. Dance..

Then Comes the Infrastructure .. Nice Cubicles ..With good privacy .. Spacious .. Great LAB management ..

The Transport fascility from entire Bangalore -- Free Of Cost.. And If one stay beyond 8PM (No Body Encourages this here in Novell.. ), We have cab drop fascility till home..

Almost free (25% we pay..) great lunch ..snacks.. breakfast ...

Competitive Salary and Perks .. Positive environment ..

And last but not least.. The OpenNess .. We are the major contributor to Open Source World .. Be It Operationg System (Open Suse) Or Application Framework (MONO) etc..

I work for Identity and Security Management product which is pioneer in the world . A large number of Fortune 500 Companies are our customers ..

Everybody here is very much co-operative .. Willingness to work and contribute .. Learning opportunities are plenty..

Its great working here .. 2 years ..

I love Novell..


Ashish Kumar

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Unknown said...

Good one.. I do agree to it..Novell is a great company to work for..