Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Important Declaration [Please Read Before Commenting]

Hi All,

Most of the technical contents of my blog are taken directly from various web seraches or blogs. As I started writing blog very recently, I didn't notice who wrote this particular content during web surfing. Some of the contents which I remember is taken from James Bach's blog
From now onwards I will keep track of author and will mention the appropriate credit to them in my blog.

Thanks for your understanding.

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James Marcus Bach said...

Thanks, Ashish. I appreciate your new policy. I want to encourage you to add to the body of wisdom about testing by writing about some of your own experiences under your own name, too.

But if you are going to reprint material, it's polite (and usually necessary) to ask permission (I grant you permission for my material, FWIW) and very important to keep the authors name on it.

-- james