Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Three memorable journeys in my life

These three journey were, 
1. When I was in 9th std.
2. When I was preparing for Engineering entrance tests, after 10+2
3. When I was in 7th sem of engineering

Disclaimer: As the stories are quite old, I might have missed some of the things exactly. Also, this blog post is just meant for fun and should be taken lightly. No offense meant to anyone..

1. When I was in 9th std.

I was studying in a residential school, High school, Dhamdaha, Purnia. I used to stay in hostel, which was in the same campus. It used to take 2-3 minutes to reach school from hostel. This place Dhamdaha is a small town (subdivision) 11KM from my village Bhatotar (Nearest bus stop at Barhara kothi, 1 KM from my village). From Dhamdaha, mainly there are 3 roads. One goes toward Barhara (11 KM), one goes to Bhavanipur (14KM) and one goes to Purnia (32 KM). I used to be good student in my school, and was one among top 4 students in classes. In dhamdaha, there was only one cinema hall named "Ashish chitralaya". This cinema hall had unusual show timings (Generally in Purnia, show timings were 12-3, 3-6 etc), but in Dhamdaha it was 11-2, 2-5 etc .. This was probably done to cater the need of students. How? Well our class used to start at 10 till 1.30; and then 30 mins break then 2  to 4PM. The classes in my school had three exit doors, one at front, one at middle and one at last, i.e someone can make attendance at 10.30AM, (sit in last bench) and when teacher turns towards black-board, run out of the class and reach to cinema hall, which had back entrance, and used to take 2-3 minutes from my school. Though, this had to be done by only risk-takers, as if teacher or some other staff sees going out of class, then God save him (I think, I did this dare once or twice in 3 years, influenced by some of my back bench-er friends :) ). After movie, one can come back by 2PM and attend rest of the classes. This was also important, as the attendance used to be
taken in first class (at 10.30) and post-lunch, first class (2PM). If you are absent in 1st class, fine was 10 Paise, but if u r present in 1st class and absent after break, fine was 50Paise. I used to visit my home once in 2-3 weeks. Catch a bus, and reach Barhara in 1 hr (yes, for 10KM, it used to take 1 Hr, as there was many stops in between and road was bad). The bus fare was 3 Rs, but students used to pay 1 Re only after having occasional arguments with bus conductor. As Bhavanipur was 1 Hr journey and has 2-3 cinema halls (SriRam talkies, Janki talkies), many students used to go there to watch movie by bunking classes or on Sundays. Well, this was the background for the story. Now the real story starts..

One fine day, when I was about to go to school at around 9.45AM, my friends MXX and VXX called me and said "Do u want to watch movie in Fourstar?" (Fourstar is a famous cinema hall in Purnia), I said no man, I have to go to school, and No I can not go to Purnia at any cost .. If we go now, we will be back by 6 PM, and we may miss evening attendance (at around 5.30PM), and if we miss attendance we will not get dinner at hostel mess. But Vxx tried to convince me that, what man, always study study.. come no, for one day, whats big deal.. we will be back by 5PM.. I thought he was asking to come, so he will bear all the expenses for travel, movie etc.. I got convinced.. :)

I left my books in room and came to bus stand with these two guys. Got a mini bus for Purnia. I wanted to sit inside the bus, but Vxx told that, hey come, we will sit on Bus-roof-top, and in that case we will not pay the bus fare.. We sat on bus roof.. After few KMs, conductor came and asked money. I was silent, thought Vxx should pay. Vxx says, we are students and we don't have money.. After bitter argument, He forced us to get down.. We were again waiting for another bus.. We got another bus in some time.. We again climbed to top, and this time after little argument, the irritated conductor didn't force use to get down, but we didn't pay the fare (It was 10Rs per person). We reached Purnia bus stand by 11.45AM. We rushed to Fourstar (which is close by), and we got into ticket queue. At this point, Vxx asks me give me 20Rs, I said why? He says, I don't have money now, I will pay u later. I became angry, then He asked to Mxx. Mxx said, He does not have a single rupee. Vxx did not have any money. He had thought, I usually have money with me, so it should be ok. I searched my pockets, and got 11Rs. Now the ticket rate was 4Rs and 6Rs, and we were short of 1 Re for even the from tickets. We went to counter and asked for 3 tkts in 11Rs, counter person didn't agree. Now what to do..? Vxx says, hey we will go to Roopwani cinema, where the minimum rate is 3 Rs. Those who know Purnia, can imagine Fourstar and Roopwani distance, it is around 2KM. we ran like athletes and reached Roopwani by say 12.20PM. We took 3 tks in 9 Rs. Movie was (I think)- Meharbaan
(Mithun chakraborty). We sat in the first row as the movie was already started. In interval, we were hungry, but there was no money (except, I had two rupee note). At 3PM, we came outside and walked towards bus stand. In between, roadside, there was one robot-astrologer (which has many lights glowing on a robot type machine, equipped with many headphones). I said, I want to hear my future. It was 2 Rs for one person. I had not seen this earlier, so I was interested. I got the headphone and listened my future, and while listening I took out 2 Rs and gave to the person. After this we moved again towards bus stand. Then Vxx says, we will eat some Jhaalmurhi (Rice flakes with some spices), I asked how, He says, that 2 Rs, u gave to astro person, actually, in place of him, u gave to my hand, and we can have that in 2 Rs. I said give me 2 Rs. I took it and ran to astro person, and gave 2 rs to him and said sorry.

Now, we are hungry, have to reach school, no one knows about us, we have bunked classes, next day class teacher will ask to me for sure, as I was normally not missing class, and that too class teacher knew that I stay in hostel. He will say this to hostel warden as well. Then hostel warden will say this to my father.. all sorts of fear is going on my head. We reached bus stand. There is a bus for Dhamdaha, but normally from bus stand (from where bus starts), conductor takes money before hand only and not on the way. Now
what to do.. We tried to get into bus, but was not allowed without tkts, we said, that we lost our money, and we have no money at all.. please let us get in .. no mercy shown to poor fellows.. And bus left in front of us.. After long time, there was one mini bus (Maxi). We got somehow on top of this. When conductor asked for ticket, Vxx said, we don't have.. That fellow was not agreeing and wanted us to get down.. But miracle happens sometime.. There was another conductor of another route bus, who was from Vxx's village. Vxx went to him and explained things to him. This villager talked to our bus's conductor, and we were allowed to sit on top of bus. (To have seat was not even thinkable inside the bus). So bus started at around 5PM.
Only we three are on bus-roof.. these two friends knew that my Father's school (A govt. school teacher at Amchura, near Kajha kothi) comes in between Purnia and Dhamdaha, and he travels everyday from Kajha to Barhara (via Dhamdaha, and many a times, he gets down to Dhamdaha to meet me, and then goes to home). Mxx jokes that, what if your father sees u on top of the bus at Kajha kothi? I said, no way.. We will reach Kajha kothi by 5.45 and my Papa leaves by 4-4.30 PM... so no chance and that too we are on top ..right? And miracle happens.. When we reached Kajha kothi, I see my Papa standing near bus stop. He didn't see up to me.. but these friends are making fun of me, that I will tell to uncle that Ashish is here.. Somehow I begged them not to shout, as My father may recognize them as well..I was hiding On top.. My Father got into the same bus.. I thought that Papa had come to meet me few days back only, so He will not get down near Dhamdaha, and I can quickly get down and go to hostel. When we reached Dhamdaha, I got down from bus, and as soon as I have put my feet on road, my Papa calls me up .."What are you doing here? this is the study time in ur hostel?" It was around 7PM now.. I had no words .. stunned.. Somehow I managed and said, I had come to take some vegetables (like Onion, which we used to use for evening snacks, evening snacks was not provided by hostel, we had to manage ourselves).. He looked on me .. had suspicion, but bus started to move, and He go into the bus, and said me to go to hostel immediately.

Oh my God!! .. Anyways, now moved towards hostel..we had missed the evening attendance.. At 8PM, dinner bell was rang.. before dinner, we used to gather at temple and we used to sing a prayer (Bhaye pragat kripala deen dayalaa) followed by one chaupayee of Ramayan every day. Let me mention that, there was no electricity in hostel (and in most parts of Dhamdaha), and we used to have our Kerosene lantern in order to study. Though, we knew we are not entitled for dinner today, we went considering, we will keep hiding from
hostel warden.. We started our dinner.. suddenly Warden Mr Shxx shouts on me, Where u had been the whole day? U bunked the class, you missed the attendance, You were not present when I came to round (he used to come very silently and vigil the students, and used to punish if we are not studying.. we were also very intelligent, we had made small holes in all rooms, If some room fellow sees the warden, he used to inform through this little hole not to play or talk, as warden is on rounds.. ).. So we didn't speak anything .. He asked several times .. threatened to tell to our Parents.. But we didn't speak.. He knew we three had been somewhere.. May be he say us somewhere while coming to hostel.. Anyways, we were not speaking.. He calls Muxxx's younger brother Suxxx (who was in 8th) near to him, and asks tell me, where your brother had been? He said, I don't know.. On this Warden became very angry and said, Oh trying to save brother.. let me see how much u can tolerate for him and he puts lantern glass on Suxxx' leg, Suxxx started
crying, within few seconds, Muxxx stood up, ran to warden, threw the lantern away by snatching from warden's hand.. He started shouting on Warden, that how dare you punish my brother for my fault..  By now other teachers also gathered there and asked us to have dinner.. They also scolded the warden..
Possibly, warden also got fear that we may complain to Principal that he burnt Suxxx with lantern, He didn't say anything on that day.. Though I was in constant fear that He will say this to my Father.. next morning, I went to his room and apologized (Said, we were watching movie in Ashish talkies Dhamdaha 2-5, and then roaming around.. ).. I am sure He never said this to my Father .. :)

2. When I was preparing for Engineering entrance tests, after 10+2
I used to stay in a single room in Kankarbagh, Patna after my 10+2 and was preparing for IIT/Roorkee etc.. Here on 1st floor, thee was one more student, who was in 10+2, from Nawadah, named IrXXX. He became very close to me like my younger brother. Later I left that house and came to Musallahpur area and IrXXX shifted to Kolkata for his higher Commerce related study. Time passed.. We were in contact through letters.. There was no mobile phone those days.. somewhere in 1999.. There was a phone in my house owner's home, on which sometimes
parents can call and they used to call us inside their home and one could talk. Another communication medium was "Tele-post (Taar)", which used to be per word 50 paise and it was very fast i.e in 1-2 days the message used to reach to intended person. One day, I got a letter from IrXXX that you come to kolkata for Durgapooja. Here in kolkata, there is huge celebration. Stay here for a week and then return back to Purnia.
Well, I got interested. But every year, I used to go to home for durga pooja. This time also, I was supposed to go home. I forgot the exact date, but say 1st pooja was on 1st November and 10th pooja was on 10th November.. My mother had already asked me to come home max by 6-7.. In fact, one day in October, Papaji called me on phone and asked to me to come home, but I had other plans!!, I said, I won't be able to come to home this time.. I will come in deewali.. As I will miss my tuition classes (Generally all tuition
classes will be closed in Patna during DurgaPooja.. But I lied :( ). Papa said its OK .. u concentrate on studies.. I had already sent the letter to IrXX that I am coming on 2nd November.. and after that IrXX had sent me the plans on how will I come to Kolkata.. He didn't send his exact address (I used to send letter at his Uncle's kolkata address, and I knew he stays nearby only).. He had informed me that you come by poorva express (Its 550 KMs from Patna to Howrah) to Howrah (I had never been to Kolkata, in fact I had never been outside Bihar till now). I will be there on platform. You do not go anywhere, we will search you.
Ok then.. All set .. I didn't even though to reserve a seat .. I went to Patna station , got the general ticket, and got into Poorva express.. There was huge rush in general compartment, but somehow I got a seat. In between, I didn't move from my seat, as there was chances of losing the seat. I reached howrah at around 5PM. I waited at the platform for 30 minutes. I didn't see my friend. Later I got worried, now what to do.. One option was to go to his uncle's home directly.. after searching for another 30 minutes on platform, when I didn,t find my friend, I came out .. Had to asked many times to people around to reach to Park street and then to locate his uncle's house, but some how I reached at right place.. They knew me.. but Uncle said, He along with one more friend has gone to Howrah to pick you up.. Waiting waiting there till 9PM.. IrXXX came with sad mood to his uncle's house (He had not thought that I will reach here, rather he had thought that I didn't come).. When he saw me, He was so happy that I can't describe .. Says, Bhaisaab, I and my friend (Gave him your photo) and I was standing near engine and my friend was standing near last bogie, we searched you 2 hrs there .. we lost hope to find u and then came here .. wow .. too happy .. I went to Irxxx house, where He used to stay with his friend .. Don;t know when he ordered the cold drinks, As soon as we reached his room, cold drink came.. Later we went to a restaurant for Dinner..
Next day, we went to some ghaat, and some other places .. next day we went to Nikko park.. and then another day we went to Science museum.. We had great fun.. Full masti.. and no one knows in my family where I am.. I had got my Canon (Prima DX2, with roll) with me, and everywhere we took some snaps. I didn't know that there is a train named HaateBazare express from Sealdah (In kolkata only) to Katihar (Katihar is 40 Kms from Purnia, 1 hr journey then 2-3 hrs to reach my home). Some body asked my home, and when I said Purnia, then he said, you go by HaateBazaare express? I thought why not go to home only from here (Its like triangle, having one point as Patna, one as Kolkata and one as Katihar). So I decided to go to home on 6th evening, so that I will be at my home on 7th. On 6th noon, I had two finished camera rolls. IrXXX said, its possible to get the photo printed in 1 Hr. I said ,, really? Then we went to studio, and we got two sets of photo printed for these two rolls .. Like 70+ photos in two Konicka albums ..  IrXXX
came to drop me to Sealdah (8PM).. I had taken general ticket. There was so much rush in train,, that I almost gave up, and said I won;t be able to go home .. I remember IrXXX had said, you think this is your IIT exam and somehow get into the train.. once you get in you will reach home.. I tried my hard to get in and was succeeded with constant push by Irxxx.

Next day morning, I reached Katihar. Outside the station, there was a mini bus for Purnia. I got into that. As soon as I sit, I see my Maternal Uncle (Mama) is entering into same bus. He asked me, how come you are here? I had no words .. I can;t say that I am coming from Kolkata.. I said, I am coming from Patna (There are many trains from Patna to katihar).. I said I came by Capitol express. He exclaimed, Capitol reached before time? Then he says without me asking him, I had some work in Kolkata, just now came by Haate-
Bazaare express.. Well you know how I might have felt.. I reached home by 12PM on 7th.. Parents are amazed that, I had said that I will not come, but came.. I said, tuition was closed for last few days, so I came..

In evening times, my sister got the photo albums from my bag.. I was talking to my cousin MaXXX, and my sis came with the album, whose album is this? We started seeing this album, and I said, these pics are from Patna. My cousin says, I didn't know if there is any Nikko park in Patna? where is this ..I said, its newly opened in Baily road.. Somehow managed .. Till this date no one knows that I had been to Kolkata ..

3. When I was in 7th sem of engineering
I joined VEC bellary on 27th August 2001. My room number 54 (along with Rxxx and Bxxx) was most famous room for all masti and noises made by around 20 North Indian guys in our batch. One of my classmate G.Aditya Kalyan was very multi talented person. He could speak good English, had become friends with even seniors very quickly.. Though he was not very good in studies, He was one of the good friends in our group. I remember, One day he said, I can do anything for friends.. I asked am I ur friend, he said yes.. Can u do anything what I say? He said yes.. I don't know why, but I said can u break ur watch now (He had a nice golden color watch), I didn't even complete my sentence, and he threw the watch on wall in front of me .. watch was broken .. though I think, it was repaired later.. I personally had many differences with him as well, But missing you man .. Where r u..? I lost all contact with him .. Anyways, It was merely 1 month in campus, One day he came up with idea to do some one-act play (drama) for VTU youth fest 2001, to be held in KLES Belgaum for 3 days. It was going to be nice time .. no classes.. hotel stay .. good food.. So many events including singing, dance etc .. 120+ colleges to participate..

I got interested.. Pulled in Rxxx also.. But there was condition that only 25 students can participate from one college at max And there were many students who wanted to have this fun.. all free of cost.. So there was a selection process.. We had to parctice for the drama and show to lecturers (Who will come with us to Belgaum). Also, they wanted every candidate to try to participate in at least two events. Hence we three (Me, Aditya, and Rxxx) took part in Mime (In which whole body is covered in black, hands and face is
painted white and lips and eyes are painted red, and we need to demonstrate something meaningful story type, without touching anything, anybody Else's body and not even touching our two hands and do not open mouth). Well we gave our names.. Aditya came up with some script, wherein a drug dealer is trying to make students habituated of drugs, and then later using them for illegal activities.. The two students who gets involved heavily in these, one tries to stop using drugs, but other friend did not .. what happens to them .. there were other family members etc.. and what role I got was .. Drug dealer.. I did quite OK, and I heard some claps on my dialogues.. but we were not even in competitions.. There were so much better One-act plays done by other colleges.. Similarly I did mime, in which I was a thief (Not sure if audience understood that I am thief, but I knew that I am acting as thief.. He he .. ) Anyways, even this was not in race for the top three prizes.. We used to roam around and see various events and whenever our college was participating, we being fresher were making lot of noise.. One day there was small fight also with host college guys over one song "Who let the dogs out.." So after full 3 days of masti, we returned back to college.. Later I could not go to VTU youth fest, as I was not interested to go and also didn't wanted to spent time on practice. In
4th year (7th sem), we were the seniors.. Most of the classmates, Many juniors, lecturers knew us by now.. I don't remember exact date, but I think it was December 2004, There was another VTU youth fest in Bapuji college, Davangere. I and Rxx (yes same Rxxx, Aditya was not there in Bellary by then) saw the notice regarding this. Once while on the way to college we met Dxxx sir (Who is in-charge of the youth fest along with Sxxx sir), we said to Dxx sir, We heard this time fest is in Davangere.. We also want to go in that (It
was some 1 month before actual event). Sir said that, If you want to come, give your application with which event u want to come, form a group, do practice, show to us on a fixed date, and then we will see whether we can take u to fest or no .. I said, What sir, even for seniors, do we have to go through all these process, he had said yes.. That evening, we came to know our two class junior (close to us), Abxxx is taking part in the youth fest.. We said him, that we are also coming.. when he asked, which event, I said no idea.. This was 1 month back .. I had to go to various interviews outside bellary at times and was busy with studies.. Completely forgot about this event..

One fine day, We were celebrating birthday party of one of our friend Sxxx in some restaurant near Royal circle Bellary. I was present there along with Rxx, Mxx, Jxx and few others.. We had ordered lot of items for main course and many starters .. Starters were about to come, I got a call from Abxxx. He says, bus is about to lave from girsl hostel (fort area), where r u guys? U had said u r coming for VTU youth fest.. ? I saw Raxx, We both saw others, and said, we are going to Davangere.. Others said what about so much
orders.. We didn't listen anything and immediately we came to hostel (some 5 KMs). Fortunately we had NiXX's bike. I and Rxx came to room (We were roommates for all 4 years in college, and most of the times we stayed only two in triple bed room .. :) ) .. anyways, we didn't had a minute.. We were in chappals, Saw in cub-bard, there were few washed (unironed) clothes, put that in a bag, shouted to Pxxx (he has scooter) and DiXX (NiXX's bike) to drop us wherever we say. Now on bike, called to Abxxx, where are you, He said, we just now crossed Cantonment (almost outside bellary), we said to drive fast, and We almost did race with our college bus and stopped our Bikes close to bus. Bus driver knew us (Manju). He stopped the bus. We got into the bus, said thanks to Pxx and Dxx for dropping us..
Now we were in bus and we were going to Dvangere.. Both our lecturers didn't say anything.. Our names was nowhere mentioned (A list had to be sent to Bapuji with names of student, so that they can arrange the logistics accordingly).. Entire bus having 20+ students were stunned for quite some time ..They were thinking, we never saw these two guys practicing, how come they came directly.. No one is talking .. We only had to push to play antakshari.. Asked Driver to play loud music.. we did little bit dance as well.. It
was around 200+ KM drive. We reached Bapuji college at around 9.30 PM. When we reached, we were getting down with others.. Dxx sir stopped us. He said, Look I think you guys wanted to see the youth fest on your own, this was our college bus, and there is not a big deal if u used this to come here.. Now you need to make your own way.. you both can not come with us.. This was expected.. isn't it? I said, sir, we came in hurry, and we missed to take money with us. we thought we will take part in some event. Sir was not
agreeing and were very angry. We said, sir let us stay with you people at least for today night, tomorrow we will see. No No .. its not possible, He said. We were really not having much money (may be 100+ rs, Though we could have asked to other students).. We followed the group, sir is seeing us, but didn't say anything. Bapuji 's volunteer said, We were expecting your college to be here tomorrow morning (Some communication gap there), hence we can arrange the accommodation in our hostel dormitory, but we have noarrangements for dinner. You need to manage by your own. We were very hungry (Remember, we had missed the lunch party also). Our group went to one small restaurant. There, Sir ordered veg fried rice for everybody (Only this).. We went inside, took some other stuffs like some some Manchurian  cold drinks etc .. and said to the person there to count in the group.. When sir saw us having cold drinks, He thought we will pay for our bill, but we didn't .. Sir saw the bill asked about cold drinks.. saw us.. but paid the bill ..
We were silent .. Came to Bapuji's hostel.. we were front runners in choosing nice bed to sleep.. and slept nicely ..

Morning there was nice breakfast arranged by Bapuji college .. We also had along with the group.. After this we reached to Dxx sir.. We said, sir please see, if we can be accommodated in any event. As we had good (studious) reputation otherwise in from of Dxx sir, He said, Ok let me see .. but you guys should have told us earlier.. Anyways, there was two teams in quiz possible, and we had only one team. So we formed another team of three and wrote our name in the list. Also Raxxx was given role in dance (side artists, who picks if some props are thrown by dancers on stage).. Later, we went to registration counter, we managed to convince to enter our names in their already printed list.. and we were given an Identity card ..

We didn't had any event for our college on that day .. we roamed  bit .. had lunch (For lunch, for all students, coupon was given to sir. In place of giving all three days of coupon at once, he used to give one day's coupon in morning. He said, If I give all coupons to u guys, u will not even meet me in coming three days..) We were given stay at another hostel, which has 3 beds in each room. Each room's two keys were given to sir. Sir later distributed the keys, 3 person in each room. I and Rxx were in same room, but there was this third person. We asked him to adjust with another room (why he asked? because, we will be coming late in night and also u have ur friends in other room..) He took the bed, put on floor in another room (4 guys in one room) and we both got one room.. Now we were free.. had got food coupons for one day, no need to worry about roommate.. We were roaming all over Davangere.. We got our clothes pressed..
next day, we had our quiz.. I tried my best, but was disqualified in qualifying round itself..both our college teams were disqualified.. Now it was the debate competition.. From each college two participants were selected.. One had to talk for the topic for 5 mins and other had to speak against the topic.. Our college code was 44 (No one knew which college is which code, and it was kept anonymous till award ceremony on last day) Also, in I cards, in place of names, a,b,c,d were mentioned for a college. We got to know that our classmates Pxx and Jxx were participants.. but I heard both these guys having hot discussions . Due to some communication gap both of them had prepared in favor of the topic. and the topic was "Violence is not the solution for terrorism in Kashmir".. Both of them in favor of this, saying yes, there should not be any violence and peaceful talks are the only solution.. Now one is saying to other that, you talk against the topic. but no one is ready.. and suddenly Jxx says, I am leaving, you do whatever you want.. We tried to stop him, but he didn't stop and went outside the venue.. And it was announced that, next college is 44, be ready. So it meant we had 10 mins. First thing I did was, went to organizer and said, Sir, one of the participant is on the way, he will be here in 20 mins, could you please move our college code  44 by one. He agreed.
I said to Rxx, Bhaijee, you are good in English, why don't you go and say something for 5 mins, saying violence is the real solution.. Rxx says, you only go no.. We tried to push each other for 5 mins, and then I agreed to play the role of other participant, who as to speak agaist the motion. I took a paper and pen and jotted down few things like Ramayana-Ravan, Mahabharat-Kouravas, Indira Gandhi- operation blue star etc .. many things came in mind.. When our college turn cam, One Pxx said in favor.. Later I went on stage .. in front of me there are 100+ participants, 3 judges and many other people.. I forgot what all I had written on paper.. Started with "Lets say I don't understand French and you do not understand English, can we communicate, No .. These terrorists are like that only.. they do not understand the language of peace, they only know language of bombs and bullets.. They must be asked to surrender in a day, If not kill them all.. kashmir is ours and will remain ours .. I talked in high pitch and there were many applauds in the room.. When it was warning ring at 5 mins, then I remembered what I had written. But I concluded.. Though we didn't get any prize, my initiative was appreciated by all including lecturers. Later we had lots of masti..in another two days .. While coming back, we didn't had our college bus, so we had to go by public transport.. I and Rxx took charge of booking the tickets/seats in bus. We all came back to college happily..

Wow!! what a trip .. so many twists and turns.. It felt good to share these journey details.. Hope you enjoyed the journey along with me.. :)


Golhatti Diaries said...

very interesting and lots of humour..well wriitten Ashish. thourouly enjoyed reading it

Unknown said...

Thought I would leave my first comment. I do not know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE

Unknown said...

Jha sir I went through it..totally enjoyed..thnx..well u mentioned ashish chitralaya(Dhamdaha)..that belongs to my father..hope I can contact u soon...