Monday, May 14, 2012

Why people think, they are right.

Similar to me, most of the person in the world thinks "He/She is right". Its quite logical that why most people thinks He/She is right, isn't it?

It becomes difficult to manage the situation when someone is trying to put on his/her thought on you, even though you think He/She is is wrong. We face it everyday, many a times..

Suppose my views on any particular topic A is "In the situation of A, one should take steps a,b,c", and for same topic other person might have different views like "In situation of A, the steps to be done is b,d,e". Now when we discuss on this, I will say and try to prove my points based on my existing knowledge, which I might have gathered by reading books/websites, taught by teachers/parents, Inner conscience or have experienced in life or by other means, and the other person will try to prove his/her point.

Now this sometimes gets converted to heated arguments and may have other severe side effects. If the other person could prove to me or I got convinced through other means that my steps a,b,c is incorrect and I AM REALLY WILLING TO LEARN, IMPROVE AND MAINTAIN GOOD RELATION, (Few people don't want to learn as they think they know everything, Few people don't want to improve as they think they are best, and some people do not really value the relation with the other person), I should admit it and change my understanding to "Yes, I was incorrect till now, the steps are b,d,e".

So next time somebody else starts discussion on topic A, I will know/feel that I am correct with steps b,d,e but the other person can say "No, the steps are x,y,z", and again, I SHOULD BE WILLING to listen to other person and try proving my points.

Its quite possible that 100s of people are wrong and one person is right on some topic, also some things does not have very clear distinctions between right/wrong, but, If one really think from "Ideal Human's" point of view from the perspective of the their environment, right or wrong can be decided or at least can be agreed upon.

--Ashish Kumar Jha

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