Monday, March 8, 2010

Kudos to NDTV Greenathon Initiative

Till sometime back, This Project (Toyota NDTV Greenathon) has received Donations to Support 155 Villages for Lighting and raised ~4 Crore.

Priyanka Chopra being part of this project is great and She Deserves applause and Thanks by the Indians.. She Stands as per her Stature..

We can also contribute in various ways, both financially or Non-financially .. We can donate to the project (More details @ Or we can at least do something in our home.. Like not wasting water .. Switching off extra lights..

Bangalore used to be one of the Greenest City.. Some 20 Yrs back, I hear, Most of the roads had Trees on both sides.. Now, Its not the case .. many construction works, Metro, Road-widening has resulted in Cutting of trees..

Lets do our bit .. Its logical.. isn't it .. We must think about our future Generation .. :)

NDTV, Keep up the good work and Keep inspiring us ..

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