Monday, August 25, 2008

What is Life..

The number of people, having faith in GOD is decreasing rapidly. People have no issues in accepting this in front of society and society has no problems as well. Atheist have their own say..Why should one believe in GOD..The Omnipotent GOD.. What is there GOD can do and human can't.. One might say, Can the rain starts when human want, True human can't but neither GOD.. There is no proof that this is done by GOD..In fact we have sufficient predictions that when the rain will happen. Again GOD is the power who induces brain and heart in living creature..Well this is also not true ..can GOD create a baby without having one man and one woman. No GOD can't ... but human has shown that and it can be done. Scientists have been successful in cloning and creating a synthetic DNA. The day will come, when a child (Or any living creature) will be born with whatever qualities u want in that by doing some programming in computer.

Well, there is another part, Let those scientists do what they want, But In a normal Haman's life, there are plenty of problems. If one gets another to blame (or has in mind that somebody is there to blame), He/She feels relaxed. So We believe in GOD. Similarly, We should not do any immoral activities so society teaches us to fear by GOD. In fact I believe (and for that matter any logical person) that there is no Physical GOD. like RAM/Krishna etc.. They were not there ..Its just an illusion and all those are just stories.

Some says we have proofs of Lanka-Dahan or Seeta's Ashram or Indraprashtha ..Well I have a better analogy to tell u this is most probably wrong. The novelist Vedprakash Sharma writes very good Hindi Novel. He names his character as manoj, Shikha and so on.. he tells about rajdhani express, he tells about Delhi, Tajmahal, India Gate etc.. But the stories written around these places and things are imaginary.

But, I still believe in GOD..So what type of GOD is this. This GOD is truth..Helping others..Kindness..Spreading Love.. I fear when I lie..When I hide something .. In fact our Brain(Heart) is GOD. And its proven Heart has no capability to think. Its just brain, Which has both positive and negative feelings, Which by mistake we tell that this is heart's feeling If its truth and Brains in other case or vice-versa..


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