Saturday, August 9, 2008

Does GOD exists?

Hey buddy, If u are reading this article, please don't take persoanally. Its My feelings and this may be wrong from ur perspective.

Once Ramesh met with an accident when He was driving his Bike..Got some fractures but His life was saved. People used to say..It was GOD's grace that He saved Ramesh ..There are similar cases ..where something happens (Bad mostly), People say, It was GOD's desire..

In my village there is custom of "BaliPradan" meaning a goat/buffalo will be killed on Godess Kali's name. People (Including me/my family) purchase a goat, and keeps in his home for few days..and on second day of Deepawali, We go to Kaali Temple. There will be some Pandits, we will bring the goat to him after Bathing the goat (has to be very much clean) and that Pandit will put some water and flowers on Goat's head. Now the Goat has to move his body first and then his head. If this happens then, Its assumed that Goat is accepted by Goddess. (Pareeksha ho gaya). Sometimes what happens is, If Goat is seasoned (has tolerated rain/sun) He will be able to suatain the cold water for some more time and will not shiver. In that case the person/family becomes sad that, Godess is not accepting our "Prasad" and start praying heaviliy. God please take the Pareeksha/Exam of Goat and Pass him to be delivered to u (The belief is that Godess Kaali likes blood. I thought She will like human blood more.. ?).

I personally believe that these things are just bullshit and hypocracy. Outside bihar, I don't see these bad customs. Oh Man!, If u wanna eat flesh, Have it no..who is stopping u but on the name of GOD u r killing animals. Can I convince this to my family .. I don't think so.. They will tell, U r now very much educated no..thats why u r telling these.. Can't help ..Thats why I also become part of this just not to hurt Other's feelings.

I ask myself, Is there GOD..what is GOD..Is he living creature..whwre is He ..why don't we see him/her many Gods are there ? Scientifically, I don't see any reason to believe in GOD.

But philosophically there is GOD..

Its not clear in my mind ..Sometimes something happens in my life that tells me that see, Only GOD can do this..this is miracle..But at times by seeing hypocricity in Temples by Pandits ..I start believing that no..its all illusion..there is no GOD.

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