Saturday, April 12, 2008

Car driving

Today was my first car driving training class. Tariner's name is Manju, and He stays near Halasuru and belong to Bangalore only. He know Hindi, But not fluent. I was able to understand what he is telling.

The driving school is "Dhanush Driving School" (Again School?) in Indiranagar BDA complex. It was around one hour session. I was just moving the stearing left and right and nothing else. I feel, Car driving needs more discipline and concentration in comparison to bike. The problem with the car is, There are three things, Accelerator, Brake and Clutch and only two legs.

Though I don't have any plans to buy Car in near future, But learning just in case, I get enough money, I will buy a Second hand car and practice in Bangalore. (Preparing for after marriage effects !!)

It was great fun!!!

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