Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mumbai Trip 27-30 March 2009

I left Bangalore on 26th March, by Udyaan express. I met with one of my colleague in the train and his four friends. We shared jokes and played Cards. 20 Hours journey till Pune was passed happily.

My Mobile's battery was discharged, and it was not getting charged by 110V power supply in train. Most of the sockets were not working or always busy. I thought, I may have to purchase a new mobile as soon as I reach Mumbai. Problem was, I was not having my friends number written other than in mobile, and Mobile was not getting switched On. Somehow, after charging 10 Mins, Mobile got ON and I wrote My friend number in paper.

I reached My friends room at 9PM. Next day, we wnet to several places in Mumbai and Met few more friends and next days and I caught Return train, Trivendram exp on Monday 30th march. Reached Bangalore by 12.30 on 31st. Could not go to office.

It was great time there in Mumbai.

Photos and videos can be watched :

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