Monday, March 2, 2009

IndiBlogger meet 2009 @ Microsoft Signature tower

I had plans to go for IndiBloggers meet on 28th Feb 2009 @ 3PM @ MS on Intermediate Ring Road. where there was an informal gathering by some 100 Bloggers of Bangalore ..Event was sponsored by Microsoft.. There was first look session on Windows 7 by some guys as well..Other than some fun Filled events ..

I asked my friend, whether He wants to join.. He says I have no blogs.. Don't worry .. I said ..OK lets ask to the contact person there at IndiBlogger.. I called up there..I asked whether my friend who has no blogs and not yet registered for the event (its 12.30PM), Can he come with me.. He said no issues.

So many work between 12 to 3 ·to me and to Him.. Finally we managed to reach @ Microsoft's Signature building.. Got in .. Met lot of guys some from Non-Tech and mostly from tech companies ..With one guest speaker from MS .. Good time ..

We started with 1 minutes of fame..where in, there was a time-Glass (remember busy symbol in Windows prior to vista..) which will get emptied from one side to other in one minute exact..The person has to come and speak exactly for 1 minute .. about his blog..why he started an what is the theme etc,,just in one minute ..

After few guys/gals, It was my turn.. Started with .. Well This is Ashish Working For.. I started Blogging 2 Years ago just for fun..Theme of my blog is "Spread Unconditional Love"..I write about Life's experiences ..Technology..Open source.. People started smiling/laughing ..Started asking questions to me ..Beyond a minute ..Did u get any unconditional Love.. I said many..Its about .. People became silent ..with the seriousness with which I said above..Well, I believe there may be some hits from those guys to my blog ..Well no conditions apply ..

Many more ..around 70 guys came ..talked abt their blog..

It was followed by Mr Gireesh's talk on BizSpark, a new initiative by MS for start ups..wherein they will provide 25 licences of Visual studio, OS, desktop/Server both, Different types of productivity soft wares ..costing aroung $60K free of cost .. only condition is it has to be startup ..

That was followed by a small IndiBlogger gigg quiz.. How well do u know ur readers? ..There will be a comment taken from one's blog and that blogger has to identify that its from his blog.. If he does he has to a bit....

Then there was a session on Bloggers rights and responsibility by people. There was quite good debate ..Over Pink chaddi compaign..over various issue ..

And there was windows 7 Presentation and Demo (Though its good .. but not better than SuSe Linux.. I was thinking .. Cool xgl 3D..easy software installation and no viruses..and lot more cost effective..and if no money ..don't worry go for OpenSuse11..)

Many a times, Spread Unconditional Love was cited/spoken by fellow bloggers and everytime they talk about Spread/Unconditional/Love a nice smile over everybody's face.. Keep it up ..

Then there was Pizza ..lots of pizza..Cold drinks ..sprite..thumsup..Mirinda all there .. Coffee Tea.. Good arrangements .. We had Pizza and then I had to go Koromangala .. So met with few IndiBlogger members ..exchanged contacts ..and went to koromangala.. Sombody commented (unknowingly?) see u again over Pizza.. Did I mind .. Never .. I will definately meet that guy again over next meeting ..:)

It was really awsome ..Thanks IndiBlogger.. Thanks MS for PIzza .. Thanks Bangalore bloggers ... Thanks buddy for giving company .. Good day ..Went to Bhaiyya's home .. I (Apna hi hai bhaiya ka hai to..) got brand new Red color Avenger .. Got first time over that bike for some time .. Came back home by 9.30 PM .. Good Night .. :)


Arif Ali Saiyed said...

Hey it was a great meet.
Had fun, got an opportunity to meet so many blogger's from same city.

Hope to see such meets happening more often.

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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