Friday, October 17, 2008

job situation in india

Recently few of the incidents took our attentions related to job situation in India.

1. One CEO was killed by a sacked group of employees in NOIDA.. : BAD.. Too Bad..
2. JET lays off 1900 employees: OK kind of .. Due to several factors, This was the last step they could have thought of.. I believe every body has good heart including top-management. But as their expenses (including company's) are too much and they can't cope up with the financial crisis any more, so the lay off the their last option..
3. JET take back all Layed-off employees : Super..great..

Naresh Goyal has shown Indian-Ness ..I believe this type of decisions can be taken only in India and hence I am proud of having entrepreneurs like Naresh Goyal.

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