Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Probable bugs in gmail/blogger

Bug #1 in Gmail:
Summary: Seeing lots of repeated unknown contacts in gmail Chat
Steps to reproduce: Could not reproduce
Below is the Screenshot Taken once I observed this..

I have no idea what/who is airfexcourierdeliveries..and there are multiple entries for same user in my chat box.

After Few minutes, It was all normal, and This particular entry was not there.

Bug #2 in Blogger:

Unable to insert image at cursror position in Blogger -> New Post
Environment: Firefox3.0.6 in Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop 11
Steps to reproduce:
1. Open Blogger-> new post
2. Write a line say "Below is the picture" and type few Enter So that the cursor is at 4th line..Here I want to insert a picture.
3. Click "Add Image" -> get the image ..Click Done.
4. You should see, This object got inserted at start, not at the cursor.

: Cut-Paste Entire object section At the required place.
Severity: Minor

Let me know, If I am missing something .. :)

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